What’s new in WordPress 5.2


WordPress 5.2 is one of the major releases in 2019 which is introduced including Site Health and PHP Error protection. WordPress latest version improves contextual awareness by bringing accessible updates and enhanced keyboard navigation flow for readers using screen and some other assistive technologies. There are thirteen new dashboard checks as well as plugin compatibility checks. It means now WordPress could automatically determine the compatibility of your site’s version of PHP with installed plugins. WordPress will not let it activate if the plugin requires PHP of higher version as compared to the usage by your site currently.

WordPress development companies have gifted the users with 2 great features by launching WordPress 5.2. The first feature Site Health Check adds two new pages to fix common debug configuration issues. This feature also includes a space where debugging information can be included by developers for site maintainers. The other element is PHP Error protection, which is an administrator-focused update that enables you to manage and safely to fix fatal errors without the need for developer time. It is also known for better handling of the ‘white screen of death’. It can also enable you to enter recovery mode which makes error causing plugins or themes pause. This is an excellent feature for less tech-savvy users.

If your site experiences any trouble while upgrading PHP versions (be it any trouble) the PHP error protection will log into the backend and fix that problem. Being a WordPress Development Agency, it’s very vital to stay updated with the latest wordpress version 5.2.

As WordPress has been installed around 34 percent of all internet sites. The features that this programme is equipped with are set to put some concerns at ease in regards to some attack vendors.

Here is a list of the features that WordPress development companies have brought for the developers by introducing WordPress 5.2-

  • Privacy updates- There is introduction of a new page with a new theme page template, customizing the privacy policy page easier, a conditional function and 2 CSS classes as a part of designing.
  • One level higher of PHP version- If we talk about the minimum version needed to support PHP version is now 5.6.20. Coming over to WordPress 5.2, plugins and themes can easily take advantage of namespaces, unknown functions and many more.
  • Creating JavaScript- Along with the addition of Babel configurations and web pack in the word press/scripts package, developers won’t need to worry about setting up complex build tools to write modern JavaScript.
  • Webpack body open hook- WordPress 5.2 has introduced a new body hook which allows themes to support injecting code primarily at the beginning of the element.

The site health section includes two new pages namely Site Health Info and Site Health Status.

a) The Site Health Info provides the server setup and the website, which is meant for troubleshooting purposes. The Info is provided by the underlying servers, themes, plugins, file storage usage, and WordPress install.

b) The Site Health Status section works by delivering a report with findings and running a set of security checks, along with the instructions to fix any discovered issues.

Working on the betterment and improving the WordPress security will not stop even after the release of version 5.2. The WordPress development companies hire WordPress programmers from India who are constantly working on enhancing the security features of WordPress. One has to hire WordPress developers from India to port the same code designing system that is used for the WordPress updates into a framework that developers can use in WordPress themes and plugins to code sign updates. 


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