Why is it Essential to Enhance the Skills of the Youth?

Why is it essential to enhance the skills of the youth?

The youth is the most important sector of a nation. The youth is the future of a country and comprises emerging entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, politicians, in short, many world-class personalities. These passionate, thrilled, and full of liveliness individuals encompass immense enthusiasm to emerge as one of a kind.

Hence, it is paramount to polish the skills of the young generation. They require the proper guidance and knowledge from experienced professionals to channel them in the right direction. If they are not guided properly, young individuals may face difficulties extracting their true passion for emerging as one of a kind in their respective metier.

Having said that, it is crucial to pay substantive heed to the rising generation. To do so, workshops, seminars, motivational speeches, and constructive events should be organized. This will help individuals find the answers to their many questions regarding their career and what awaits them in the future. It is evident that the youth is dauntless and does not fear taking risks. However, they should be aware of the dangers of being overconfident too. This will help prevent their career from ruining due to overwhelming boldness.

One constructive way to give the young generation a small trailer of the practical world is to encourage them to attend internship programs. This pursuit of working in an organization as a trainee to gain experience and polish one’s skills poses immense benefits. This helps the young adults find their true passion and talent, thereby further polishing it to an exceptional level.

One organization that arranges insightful and top-tier internship programs for the youth is the CSI Energy Group. The world-class electrical infrastructure company is committed to youth development.  They support young talent through their internship programs. CSI Energy Group opens doors to new professional opportunities and experiences for the youth to up their professional game.

Headquartered in Mauritius, CSI Energy Group plays a colossal role in providing the world with sustainable electrical energy infrastructure through its global operations. The top-notch company works in many countries, including South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, and Uganda.

CSI Energy Group delivers project solutions focused on our clients’ needs. They acquire exceptional expertise in mitigating their risk and enabling success. Their key offerings are predominantly electromechanical solutions in the Power, Oil & Gas, Specialist Buildings, Mining, and Industry sectors across sub-Saharan Africa.  For over 25 years to date, CSI Energy has been chosen partners for governments and the private sector. Their approach to contracting is either as an EPC contractor, IPP or purely contracting services. 

The interns are assigned to specific departments (whether to support services like HR and procurement or electromechanical projects) and mentored between 3 and 12 months. Throughout the program, young people learn to put theory into practice, gain field experience, become familiar with industry practices, standards and norms, and get exposure to real on-the-job challenges and opportunities.

“When I was accepted into CEG’s internship program, I was thrilled, and thanked God for such a great opportunity.” , says Jennifer Euphrazi, CEG intern – HR Department

“It’s hard for students and graduates to get experience in Tanzania, and hard to get a job without experience. So there’s a ‘catch-22’, for many young people in our country.  Internships offer a way out of that bind, and are a vital way of developing young talent.” explains CEG’s Procurement & Logistics Manager, who has mentored 15 interns in the past six+ years.

“When I’m selecting interns,” the Procurement & Logistics Manager continues, “I’m not looking for previous experience, so much as distinct character qualities. I want to see ambition, initiative and the desire to learn. I want interns that are open-minded, receptive, creative, curious and ready for a challenge.  These are the qualities that I know are going to make a great professional.”


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