Why Pharma Companies Prefer Cool Logo Design Colors?

Why Pharma Companies Prefer Cool Logo Design Colors

Getz, Pfizer, and Bayer all have a similarity when we talk about their logo designs, they all use cool colors into their pharmaceutical logos.

Why do these giants prefer using cool colors such as green, blue, or violet? Or more clearly, what new pharmaceutical companies can learn from their pharmaceutical logos when designing their own? 

Each color displays certain characteristic that influences our decision-making abilities and there’s a wise decision connected with branding when these giants opt for one of the cool colors. Every color serves differently when we talk about branding and logos but let’s just stick to cool colors and see why pharma companies are very fond of them? Come, let us show you why pharma companies use cool colors while having the medical logos

Portray Honesty

Medicine is a serious industry that has great potential in terms of growth, too. But every pharma company is expected to do business with complete honesty when introducing a new, better, medicine in the market. And this is where they use certain colors into their pharmaceutical company logos to position themselves as an honest organization. Cool colors such as blue and violet are one of the prominent choices for these companies that invest in branding and positive perception in the eyes of their customers. 

Instill Trust

We trust every word of pharma companies and they aim to maintain this tradition by displaying their hones side via their logo design. If you look closely, you’ll find color blue in most pharmaceutical company logos and there’s a valid reason for using it in the logo. Blue color offers the element of trust in our mind due to its peaceful and calm feeling. And when we spot blue in the pharmaceutical logos, we associate the company with trust in a natural way. 

Display Safety

One particular aspect of pharma companies, that we the consumers seek, is the safety. Since the core product deal with our lives and treatment, we only prefer to buy from pharma companies that produce safe medicines and we conclude this buy their name (and logos). To prove their commitment for producing safe medicines, these companies often incorporate color green that offers the safety attribute to our mind. Just look at some big names in pharma industry and you’ll find green as a part of their pharmaceutical logos. 

Show Wisdom

From the eras of sages, the healers are associated with the wisest men on Earth and the role of pharma companies is no lesser than a noble and wise being of our society. So, they often display the element of integrity in their logo by selecting color that has the element of wisdom such as violet. And you will find this color in pharma and medical center logo, too.

Add Integrity

Along with wisdom, the pharma company is also expected to show integrity in its operations. And what better way to display integrity in the logo by using color blue in it? That’s another reason that these big pharma companies use blue color in their logos and achieve their branding goals. 

Comment below and let us know which cool color do you prefer when designing your pharmaceutical logos?


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