Why Redesigning your Website is a necessity today?


The world of internet is constantly evolving on a day to day basis. Trends that may have been in vogue a few years back are now but a thing of the past. Newest web and mobile technologies, landing page get-ups, website designs, content marketing, content management systems and SEO friendly methods are the latest in website design and development.

Having a website for your business is one of the smartest things that business owners do since years. But some forget that people look for fresh taste and appealing look. If your website portrays a bland appearance of a decade ago, it is time to take a wise step and redesign your website and rub shoulders with the trend-setters, before you are left way behind in the burgeoning milieu.

Need of the hour is to have a perfectly designed website that meets up with the expectations of today’s visitors. Digital marketing and brand new means of advertising have taken the markets in their stride. Continuing with an outdated website is seriously not good for business. By the way, when was your website created or when did it have an update? (we are not talking about the Anti-virus updates).

We suggest some important ingredients that may be required by your website to increase your online sales figures and effectively meet sales targets and generate future leads for your successful business goals.

Is your website mobile responsive?

Today’s users are mobile friendly and wield the power of the internet through their smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc. Having a mobile responsive website with faster loading pages is very essential to increase user interaction with your business. Whatever industry you may be related to, whether it is food, retail, travel or service industry, there is no knowing when a customer comes knocking via their smart phone device. If you are a local based small business outlet and still imagining boosting up sales through your slow loading desktop enabled website, it’s time to put on your thinking cap because you are definitely losing sales and potential clientele to your next door competition.

Is your website on par with your competition?

Every business has competitors. Many a times you may think why his business is flourishing more than mine. Take a rain check of your website. Ask yourself some necessary questions:

  • Is my website outdated?
  • Are my regular clients also bypassing my site and going to other sites?
  • Does my website have slow loading pages and broken links?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it is high time to get your website redesign by a good web development company. Visitors would naturally go to visually appealing, trending and easy to use websites.

Is your website enabled with social media channels?

Social media channels are business boosters in today’s business world. It provides businesses with an opportunity to increase their target audience and showcase their products and services to them. It also increases your reach among known and potential customers as well as friends and known contacts. You can also portray your newly designed website through social media channels and increase your chances of renewed visitor hits to your website.

Is your website still struggling through old products & marketing strategies?

Many a times it has been seen that the business has moved on from its old products and started new product ranges but forgotten to showcase the same on their website. Marketing strategies with new offers and discounts are being sent through paper leaflets or paper advertisements but not reflecting on the company’s webpage. This is a strict no-no if you want your business to succeed online. Your website may be enthused with most of the features that are required but maybe missing out a few in the process. If so, then there are just a few modifications and additions required that should be good enough to keep you updated with the current style. There is no need to do a full scale invasion on your website for redesigning it.

Is your website SEO friendly?

Despite doing everything possible, the website still fails to rank on Google and other popular search engines. This may be due to lack of proper Meta tags, schema markup, Meta descriptions, picture labels, sitemap and robotics of your website which the crawl bots aren’t able to decipher to boost your

presence on search engines. Another big issue can be the selection of proper keyword analysis for enabling proper visibility on search engines.

To set things right, this is the right time for you to redesign your website and seek the help of the best website and mobile app development company who can take care of redesigning your website, making it responsive and aligning it so that it becomes SEO friendly and help you in bridging the gap between losses to profitability.

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