Why Registering a Website Can Be 10 Times More Expensive In 2020


The price when registering a website could experience a sharp rise from the next year 2020. We explain why and how much you might have to spend to create your own platform.

Nowadays, registering a domain for a web page is extremely simple and within reach of any pocket. We only have to access any of the authorized suppliers by ICANN, request a name that is free, choose the desired domain (‘.com’, ‘.org’, ‘.biz’, ‘.info’, etc.) and pay around 10 Euros a year.

Precisely such a tight price is one of the impositions of ICANN (Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers), the body that oversees this process, to companies operating in the sector. All of them accepted this economic band in the contracts that exist for the most classic domain names, but not for the new ones that enjoy total market freedom when imposing the annual rate they wish.

However, these contracts between the suppliers and ICANN expire at the end of this same year, leaving in the air the possibility that the price limit to traditional domains disappears at par.

The entity itself has confirmed this in an official statement, in which it opens the door to eliminate these restrictions and thus equate the domains of all life at the much higher prices that are being charged for new records.

“This change will not only allow the ‘.org’ renewal agreement to better suit the base registration agreement, but also takes into account the maturation of the domain name market and the goal of treating the registry operator in a manner fair for new gTLD registry operators, “they say from ICANN.

What will this transcendental change mean in the way of registering web domains? That compared to the 10 Euros on average that are currently being charged we could go to figures up to ten times higher, which are those that are being handled when hiring a domain ‘.app’ or ‘.vip’. Let’s not talk about the possibility that having a website under the name ‘.com’ or ‘.biz’ will cost a whopping 11,500 dollars, as Google is currently charging those who want to have a website under the umbrella ‘.dev’.


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