Why Should You Always Go For Caroma Toilet Parts?


Building your own home is a dream come true and it is only natural that you would want the best of everything for your new adobe. From the landscaping to the indoor fittings, nothing less than the best for your new home!

When it comes to designing or planning your bathroom, why settle for less? Caroma toilets are known world over, owing to their superior quality, unique and innovative designs and not to mention the aesthetics they add to your home.

Most importantly, Caroma toilet parts, unlike other toilet parts are readily available, making Caroma toilets an investment that lasts for years.

Here we share a few reasons why you should always go for Caroma toilet fittings when building or renovating your home.

Superior Quality

Caroma toilet fittings are renowned for their unrivaled superior quality. Caroma started off by using porcelain as its basic material for toilets but now Caroma toilets are made from clay.

Complex moulds are used to shape the toilets and it takes several days for the wet clay to dry off before it is glazed and fired in a large kiln. The end result is a perfectly molded toilet pan and cistern. Injection and compression molding methods are utilized to create the perfect plastic parts for the toilet. The intricate processes result in a superior quality product which is unmatched by its rivals.

Reliability Factor

Building or renovating your home is not an easy job and can’t be done on a regular basis. There are a few key pieces in your home that should be a long-term investment and a toilet is one of them.

When purchasing a toilet, one of the most important features to look for is its reliability. You may like a toilet for how it looks and how it functions, but if it has low reliability factor, your money will be wasted.

Caroma toilets are completely reliable and last for a long time. The best thing about Caroma toilets is that if there is any issue in its functioning, you can easily find its spare parts online.

Innovative Designs

Caroma is a company which is well-known for introducing the dual-flush technology. The cistern comes with two buttons and two flush volumes. The button for partial flush is used for liquid waste and the button for full flush is used for solid wastes.

Both these buttons work effectively to remove any traces of the waste. As opposed to other dual-flush technology toilets, Caroma toilets are powerful enough to eradicate any traces of waste with a single push of the button. How cool is that! This technology has gained popularity over a period of time owing to the fact that it saves water.

Warranty is Just as Important

As mentioned earlier on, reliability is an important factor when buying anything, be it as something as small as a watch or something like your toilet. One of the most unique features of Caroma toilets is that they all come with a 2-year warranty whether you buy them from a retail outlet or an online store.

ADA Button Kit

One unique feature of the Caroma toilet fittings is the availability of a number of spare parts. One such part is the ADA button kit. This can be used anywhere from your residential toilets to the toilets in commercial buildings where physically challenged people may need to use it. The button is raised, making it easy to access, and connected to dual flush technology.

Unrivaled Customer Services

Caroma parts are manufactured from high quality material and rarely require any maintenance as a result of any breakage or malfunctioning. That said, if the need does arise, Caroma offers round-the-clock customer services to ensure client satisfaction, no matter what the issue is!

Caroma Offers a Variety of Products

Caroma offers a number of products to suit your needs and what’s more, spare parts are readily available if the need arises! From toilet bowls to toilet seats and most importantly, toilet tanks.

There is a lot to choose from. All the products are aesthetically manufactured and are long-lasting. Coroma toilet parts can be bought online as long as the correct model number is known.

Caroma Offers HET and Takes a Step Towards Water Conservation

Caroma offers HET or ‘high efficiency toilets’. These toilets use at least 20% or less than that of water per toilet use. Generally, regular toilets use around 1.6 gallons of water. HET uses less than that, making it more efficient than its counterpart. This is a huge step towards water conservation as every single drop of water, that we can save, counts in the long run!

Purchasing a Toilet May Not Seem Like an Interesting Thing to Do but Caroma Toilets Are Surely Going to Make Your Day!


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