Without local SEO there is no paradise: how to choose the best keywords


Working local SEO is essential for your physical business or your online store to succeed and raise positions in Google search results. Do you already know how to select the most suitable keywords?

Local SEO has gained integers in recent years thanks to the growing relevance of voice searches, the rise of mobile SEO or the importance of geolocation for users to meet their needs. With increasing frequency and incidence, consumers find businesses and information of interest thanks to conducting local searches. In fact, 76% of people looking for a nearby company on their smartphones, visit them in a maximum period of one day, while 28% of such searches end in a purchase.

In this way, although local searches yield lower search volumes, the high conversion that searches provide is fundamental, since they are totally linked to a very specific intention on the part of the user. Therefore, today we want to give you some keys to find and use keywords that will increase your position in the local search ranking.

5 keys to improve your local SEO strategy keywords

Comprehensive research: It should be noted that since the update of Possum, the Google algorithm began to place great emphasis on the location of the user for local searches, so it is worth spending time and resources to investigate what are the best local keywords , both main – focused on the product and location – as secondary. To do this, use the Google Keyword Planner, tools such as SEMrush or instruments like Google Trends. Knowledge is power, so don’t forget to go deeper into the steps of your main competitors to go one step ahead of them.

Identify your industry’s keywords: Your main purpose should be to know what keywords are used in your industry to search for products or services. Therefore, it is important to put yourself in the client’s shoes and try to think about what they would write in the search engines to find a business like yours. Use modifiers and synonyms, delving into those keywords that can be used to describe an event, a quality, a type of product or other associable words.

Explore the words associated with your geographical location: A florist located in a town is not the same as a sushi chain in Madrid. It is important to work SEO considering the various locations and areas you serve and where your customers come from. Needless to say, you should work your Google My Business page thoroughly, something that we will explain in depth in this guide.

Work the content with a local focus: It is essential that the keywords and the content associated with them – the landing page and the product descriptions, the blog articles or the content spilled in networks – have a clear local focus. Long formats and useful content, as well as lists, tutorials or answers to possible questions that users look for are fundamental. Do not forget the graphic material or monitor the results to know if the efforts are paying off.

Backlinks and comments: Incoming natural links bring legitimacy to your local business as people cite it in its content, so you must deposit abundant resources to build a solid 링크 빌딩 strategy that takes into account specialized local blogs and media Communication of your environment. Customer feedback is also essential to gain visibility and improve SEO. Therefore, it encourages consumers to share their experiences through the feedback system, rate the services received or write a review of the product they have purchased.


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