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In the world of Dubai four things are essential to live in that are Water, Electricity, Air and Air Conditioners. Nobody can think to survive without these things. Thanks for the Dubai Authorities Water and Electricity are provided by them and air is available with the blessings of God. But Air condition is your responsibility.

As discussed you are not able to live without Air condition weather you are living inside your house working in a house or studding in the school. Air conditioner is your steam necessity.

In this article we discuss about the types of Air Conditioners. How you can prevent yourself from this in fortunes and also discuss about the facilities provided by AC Maintenance Services Dubai in such conditions where you reach the point of no return how we can help you at any time anywhere in Dubai.

Types of AC Used in Dubai

HVAC/ Central Air Conditioning:

HVAC or Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning is the system used in high rise buildings and places that are too big to be catered by split systems. Although it is possible to chill that places by small units but in a long run they become very expensive and also not able to cater huge gathering and large areas.

For these kind of areas we need Central Air conditioning system it consist of two different parts combined to make one.  First part of the system is known as the heat ventilation it used extensive mesh of ducts to extract the hot air out of the building. Huge fans are present at the terminal points of these ducts to blow out the hot air.

Second system is known as the Air conditioning system in this system a Main unit is placed in airy place usually high places from where they such the air and inside that unit a mesh of metallic pipes are present that are chilled by the cooling agent mostly in the form of high pressure Gas compressed by the compressor and pumped in the pipes. These chilled pipes make the fresh air cool and then transferred in the building again by the separate system of Air Conditioning Ducts.

Stand Alone units:

These kinds of Air conditioners are used inside the huge covered places like banquet, conference halls. They usually used as the cooling aid but now a days they work independently but in this case the quantity of the units need to increase inside the hall. They are very good and the cooling capacity is very good.  Physically they comes as two separate units. One is placed inside the other one placed outside the place.  Inner unit has elegant design and have some delicate equipment like thermometer, Thermostat remote sensor. The major Task of the inside unit is to throw the chilled air out from the grills present at the top of the unit. On the down side of unit there is another grill present which actually act as a scrubber of existed air from the place and the unit rotate this air to make the environment chilled. To condense the air it has a mesh of metallic pipes in which the cooling agent is flowing when the hot air passes through these chilled mesh it cools down.

The another Part of this system commonly known as outer has some most vital instruments presents inside it like compressor, Circulation pump and exhaust fan to extract the heat of compressor and other equipment’s. The cooling agent revolving inside the inner unit is supplied by this outer system. Bothe units are connected by pipes tightly insulated because any patch can cause deformation. 

Split air conditioners:

Smallest units that are mostly used in domestic use or in small offices. They also came into two units break down. One is placed inside your room and other is in open air. It works also on the same mechanism that the standalone unit works. But in it the scrubbers place on the top and the extractors are beneath them it make very effective bond as the hot air lighter then cool one so it easily scrubbed and differentiated with cool air some of the salient feature is its cheap running price that can make it affordable for any middle class man.

These are the some common types of air conditioners. at any time you need services and maintenance just call our 24/7 work force that can fix your machine in shortest possible time.


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