You Want To Make Money On Youtube How Can You Do It?


If you ever watched a video on YouTube, you wondered how it is that people who export content to this video network have made money; you are at the right place.

While we are not telling you that you will become a millionaire overnight by just uploading videos, if we will tell you how you can earn income using YouTube.

As every beginning, you will have to be persevering because you will not gain followers instantly, but if you focus and follow these tips if you will be able to obtain passive income. There are several alternatives; the important thing is that if you want to make money on YouTube then we will tell you how you can do it.

Earn money on YouTube is possible

Some analysts suggest that money should not be your main motivation when you start, always remember that the success of any project is not obtained at the beginning, much less money. That is why it is essential that you do not become obsessed only with monetization, but that you see it more as a hobby, that you enjoy what you do so that making money is more like the reward and the consequence for your dedication.

It is important that before using this tool to obtain money you are clear about what you want to do (we will show you what the alternatives are), to whom it will be addressed considering aspects such as gender, age group, geographical location, among other things . Check out the alternatives you have to make money with YouTube below:


It is one of the simplest options to get money with this tool. What you should do is link your YouTube account with an Adsense account, so you will insert advertising videos into your videos and once you reach an income set by YouTube you will start receiving money. To do this you must subscribe as a partner in a section called Creator Studio.

Once in your Adsense account you can view reports of advertising revenue and receive payments, in addition to corroborating if the monetization is active when you see a green $ next to the video in the administrator. You should take care that in your ads there is no sexual content, promotion of narcotic substances, violence, sensitive topics, inappropriate language or controversial events.

When it comes to receiving money, you will need a bank account or PayPal and a postal address, so that AdSense verifies your identity data and sends you the money. In this case the money you accumulate will be the product of each click made on the ad and a smaller amount per view.

Create your YouTube channel

When creating a YouTube account you have access to other Google products since it is the same account and from here you access Drive or Gmail, for example. Creating your own channel will mark your personal stamp. Once you have created your account you must add keywords that are related to the content you will share and that facilitate the location of your channel, for this you must go to the ‘Advanced’ section in the account settings.

The choice of your username is very important. If you decide on a short one, try to make it original and easy to remember, if you opt for an existing account you can then change your username in ‘edit’ on your Google+ profile.

Post 2 to 3 times weekly and license the content

Remember that the frequency of posts on your channel will guarantee the loyalty of your followers. Especially at the beginning you must share the content on a regular basis and more if what you want is to become a youtuber. And given the possibility that the content you publish goes viral, you can license it in exchange for money by including some rights.

Monetize content and get the most views

For your videos to start generating money, you must activate the monetization through which YouTube includes ads in your video and recognize that it does not contain material with protected rights. To achieve this you must click on ‘my channel’, then on ‘video manager’ located in the top bar, finally enable ‘monetization’.

Your video must get at least 10,000 views to start earning money. While uploading it, click on the ‘monetization’ tab and check the ‘Monetize with ads’ box, and if you do it after uploading it, go to ‘Video Manager’ and click on the $ sign. service

Through this service you can create free tests and surveys, for this, raise a question to your followers and invite them to respond, so the more visits you have on the page you created in you can earn more money. In addition, one of the advantages offered by this service is to obtain opinions from your followers, suggestions, ideas and even criticisms that allow you to improve your content while earning money.


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