6 Steps to Sleep Training Success


If you are a new parent and looking for some help, you are in the right place. Today we will share with you the easiest sleep training steps that you can follow up.

Babies are cute, adorable and a true blessing that we all love. But we all love our sleep too, let’s admit that. We too being parents need a proper night’s sleep for functioning the next day.

Imagine working all day long, dragging yourself here and there and not taking a nap. And finally, when it is time to sleep, all you get is constant crying.

These painful experiences are a true nightmare for every parent and they need a solution. We assure you that with a little effort you will be able to sleep train your baby.

Yes, there are a lot of methods for sleep training that you can adapt but how to? We have the answer for that too. All you need to do is stick with us till the end and read the article.

Why is it Important?

We also agree that most parents are not quite comfortable with this concept. But it is not as bad as it sound or vague as you might have heard. This exercise would actually be beneficial for your baby and his health.

As much as he sleeps, he will wake up fresh and active. He would engage in activities, play around and even take proper feed. On the opposite side, a baby who cries at night and don’t get a peaceful night’s sleep. They wake up all fussy and annoyed.

You can see a clear difference in their moods and how less active and more tired they are the whole day.

A baby’s mental growth, health all depend on sleep and food. We take good care of food but when it comes to sleep training, we avoid it. But we need to change this thinking and develop a healthy sleep cycle for the baby.

Steps for Sleep Training

Follow up on these easy steps to train your baby.

1- Gather Some Guts

You need to be well-prepared mentally and physically for some action. But don’t freak out as it will not take ages. It would take at least a week and then comes eternal peace. So you need to hold your ground and stick to the plan.

2- Get your Partner on Board

You will need help for doing this. Though it is not so hard yet some babies take more time than others. So, with your partner on board, you both can switch turns.

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One partner can stay awake and help the baby to soothe. Then the other partner can take his turn when the baby wakes midnight.

3- Have a Plan

Most parents give up when they hear the baby crying. Since the baby become startles when they wake up midnight or don’t find parents around.

To tackle this crying, you need some distractions. Try to engage yourself in activities like TV, music, reading, etc.

Or wear some headphones, sit in the basement, in short anything to block the crying.

4- Get a Mantra

This might look harsh but won’t make you a cruel parent. So, set up some mantra and stick to it. Think of something that will hold you through the crying session.

Don’t let yourself get distracted or lured by the screaming. Your baby is strong enough to endure some crying.

5- Set Aside 3 Days or Nights

You will need some breaks after the tiring session. So, set aside at least 3 days and night for yourself. Preferably Friday to Monday are an ideal choice as you deserve to enjoy the weekend.

6- Determine a “Rescue Time”

The last step is to set the rescue time. This is the time when being a parent you will finally give in and soothe the baby. You can comfort him and feed him after that time.

If your baby sleeps around 7-8 and wakes up more than 4 times at night. You can hold him at 2 am.

And then you can feed him at 7 am. But if the baby wakes only once or twice then you must wait. Around 5 am you can hold him off and feed him to start the day.


We hope you will succeed if you follow these basic, easy steps.  Happy parenting and sleep training. 


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