Discover the Free Websites to Create Amazing Infographics

Create Amazing Infographics

Using infographics can give your audiences more vivid and active seminar presentations, college or company you need to raze. Using visual elements is essential to make presentations more dynamic and to hold the audience’s attention. Now, let’s give you tips to create online infographics and rock your business, lecture, seminar, etc.

DesignCap Infographic Maker


DesignCap is a graphic design tool considered one of the most complete. The professionally designed templates in the tool are ready for users to modify the colors, fonts, icons, and other elements. There are millions of stock photos, icons, preset text styles, charts, modules, and other resources available for infographic designs. Insert texts, images, shapes, and colors to make your infographic perfect.


Venngage theforbiz

Another possibility for creating online infographics is Venngage. With a simple registration, it is possible to make infographics and graphics from the models available on the website. Interested parties can use the free or paid version for more elaborate images.


Canva Theforbiz

Canva is a complete tool for creating infographics on different topics. This website also offers free templates that can be modified according to the users’ needs. It is also possible to change color, text, images, add icons, etc. After finishing editing, it is possible to download the file and even share it on social networks. theforbiz works in a different way from the sites mentioned above. Here it is possible to create infographics with data from your social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. You can use your personal profile or the pages you manage. Discover important data and use it to improve your business results.

Infogram theforbiz is a free, simple, and intuitive tool. It is a website that allows you to create infographics from the templates available. The user can make minor modifications, or add new elements to his design. It is a great option to make creations faster.


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