6 Top Ergonomic Chairs Among The Executive Office Furniture Melbourne Offers


Though people working in the corporate sectors have nowadays become aware of the wrong sitting postures, yet after working for hours, most people tend to slouch in their chairs or stress their shoulders leaning forward into the desktops. The ergonomic chairs that come with adjustable seat height, the tilt angle of the backrest and headrest are the best remedy for all these work-related injuries. Below are some options of ergonomic chairs that can suit the requirements of various corporate workers.

Chairs with portable lumbar support: Ergonomic chairs especially those meant for extended lumbar support often come with a lumbar roll or cushion (preferably curved so as to help the users support their natural spine curves) fitted to the seats. In some ergonomic chairs, these cushions or lumbar rolls are of adjustable height as well, whereas there are options that come with inflatable cushions as well.

Chairs with adjustable back support: Being pretty common a trend, ergonomic chairs with adjustable backs can fit in multiple individuals at various places. Be it for the desk work, be it for the task chairs or be it for the cafeteria- these chairs are all-in-ones. With the backseats being sufficiently flexible, the seatbacks need to be so adjusted that the natural curve of lower spine gets cushioned up by the chair’s lower curve.

Ergonomic mesh chairs: A little bit of stretching out yet not that slouching posture – yes, ergonomic mesh chairs available at the Office furniture Melbourne stores are right on point for this requirement. Not with a pretty much of stiff support, these mesh chairs are reliable for those with less to zero back pain. By adjusting the height of the seats, so that lower spine curve, pelvis and the knees lie in the same alignment, these chairs can be effectively used.

Ergonomic executive chairs: The PU upholstered chairs that are suitable for the executive boardrooms can be customized based the ergonomic factors. These ergonomic chairs come with a backrest that has an inward curve to cushion the natural lower spine curve. Also, the tilt angle and the knee kilt lockable mechanism are available features in the latest models of these ergonomic executive chairs.

Ergonomic stool chairs: If you can imagine the simplest of ergonomic chairs, this is the one for you. Though these stools do not come with any backrest, yet the adjustable seat height and swivel feature of the seat help keeping the pelvis and the knees in alignment.

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Boardroom chairs with headrest: The executive chairs ought to stand out from the other chairs. The ergonomic boardroom chairs that come with a flexible headrest are pretty much helpful for those suffering from neck and shoulder pain issues. For the long meeting hours, these chairs are among the most popular executive office furniture Melbourne furniture stores have in stock. Be it for long extending meetings or presentations, these ergonomic chairs are apt choices for your client.

Be it the presentation hours or the lunch breaks; while putting your best foot forward before your clients, make sure they are comfortably seated all day long on the adjustable ergonomic office chairs.


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