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7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain without Dieting


It is a time of the year for the holidays. The schools have closed down and the weather does not allow you to work outside. It’s time to pack the bags and head out with family and friends for the holidays. Among all things that buzzing in your mind and giving you goosebumps, there is one thought that must be troubling you a lot – how to keep your weight under control without diet during the break free days? With so much to enjoy, eat and drink, how to avoid all and control? What about all the hard work and efforts that you have put into reducing the weight?

According to dietitian Sheela Seharawat, the best dietitian in Delhi, It’s understood that with the holiday season comes weight gain. Parties, drinks, goodies and eating out throws our senses out of the windows and feast on foods and drinks that we wouldn’t have eaten or drunk at all. But, this time, things don’t have to be the same way as every year.

As agreed with the dietitian and other health and diet experts, Sheela Seharawat shares some of the tips that you can adopt this holiday season and avoid weight gain without even dieting:

Drink Water and in Plenty

Whenever you are heading out for a party or an outing, make sure you drink at least a glass water. The more you drink the more fuller you will be and this will aid you in staying fuller. Drinking some water before a meal does not allows you to gorge on foods. Also, drinking water is good to stay hydrated at all times. Before a drinking session, drinking water will help you drink lesser alcohol and thereby lesser chances of pounding on weight. Also, it will make you use the bathroom more and thereby, flushing out toxins in the body.

Take Smaller Plates for Meals

This will help you with eating lesser as small plates can hold smaller quantities. If required you can get up later for a second helping. During parties, people tend to eat with their eyes and load on with the delicious serving more than required. If you still feel hungry after finishing your plate, wait for some time before you approach for the second serving.

Start your meal with vegetables and fruits

At the firs go fill up your plate with salads with vegetables and fruits. This will help you fill up faster and also will keep you fuller for long before you proceed to the more unhealthier choices like meats, processed foods, and sugary desserts.

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Always try and avoid drinks with high-calorie contents

There are plenty of drinks and beverages to attract you when you are partying or outside. All of these drinks are full of sugar and high calories and it is also very common to reach out for them. Carbonated beverages, high calories milkshakes, cocktails, and delicious looking mocktails are meant to attract you and fall for them. Avoid them as much as possible.

Have plans for workouts

Well!! This is something very difficult during the holidays. Always try to squeeze in some workout into your holiday schedule. Even the simplest of physical activity will help and keep your metabolism at peak. Choose to walk down for shopping or play some sport at the beachside while enjoying. And the most important part – never say that you will try because if you say so, you never will.

Choose your food wisely

Holidays are no different than our other regular days. Our health is our hand and the wiser you are in choosing what you eat the better it is for you as in any other regular day of your life. Don’t loiter around foods and take time before you choose what to eat and whatnot. In a holiday party, it might be difficult but do remember to make your choices wisely. There is no harm in some cheating and occasional overindulgence in food and drinks, but if it becomes a daily routine during your holidays, then no one or nothing can stop you from getting led with the extra weight that you have been dreading.

Drink alcohol in moderation

If you drink at all, drink in moderation. Set your limit to one to two drinks at the max and stick to it. Alcohol gives you empty calories and does nothing good apart from letting you gain weight. Also, alcohol has the ability to stimulate our appetite, which may spell disaster for those who are conscious of their weight. If you overeat & have too much alcohol, avoiding the holiday weight gain is going to be much more challenging.

It’s nothing new or unheard of for folks to gain weight over the holidays. In fact, it’s probably the norm for many among us. Then once the holidays are over, you’re stuck with the extra few pounds that you packed on during those huge holiday feasts. Some people are lucky in the sense that once they go back to their normal eating habits, they find the weight comes off by itself, but others aren’t so lucky. So, stick to the above-mentioned tips the next time you are out for your holidays and feel free of the extra burden in your minds.



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