The Best Trends in Colored Manicure and How to Apply Them

Best Trends in Colored Manicure

They say that age can be hidden in the face, but what about the hands? Hands always tell the truth, so we have to make a special effort to care for them. For this reason, we want to tell you about the best trends in colored manicures so that you always look for young hands.

Colored Manicure and Nail Decorations

Depending on your personality and the season of the year we are, we recommend one type of color or another.

Pastel Colors

They are perfect for summer; pastel colors are the kings of all spring-summer trends. Both in clothing, footwear, and manicure. And not only the famous and traditional beige, nude or pink tones, but you can play with the entire pastel color palette.

Vivid Colors

If you are a daring girl, you could not miss the typical bright and striking colors. And it won’t be any different this year. The color that stands out the most is red, but it is essential not to put restrictions on the other colors. You can even dare with fluorine tones, which will be back.

Gold and Metallic

The enamels in metallic tones will make you stand out. Especially highlight the golden color as it has a more discreet and sophisticated shine.

In these metallic effects, soft and pastel tones are also present to provide a touch of simplicity to your manicure. This metallic style is always a sign of elegance. We recommend the Essence Brushed Metals Nail Polish.

These are some of the current trends. Now, if you want to know how to apply your colored manicure correctly, keep reading!

How to apply a perfect Colored Manicure?

Before explaining how to perform a colored manicure, it is essential to know that we are not only referring to painting the nails when we talk about hand care.

It is recommended to exfoliate them at least once a week and hydrate them with a unique hand cream every night; our recommendation is clearing multi-intensive super regenerating hand cream, available in our physical store and online.

Apply serums and file them

Now that we already have well-groomed hands ready to perform a manicure, it is advisable to use nail and cuticle serums, files, nail scissors, and polishers that do not damage them, among others.

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If you are between cutting or filing them? It is better to file them since you can give your nails a shade that goes with your style since if you missed them, you could not correct them in the case of not being satisfied with the result.

Shape the nail

As we said before, to start with our manicure, we must shape the nail so that the corners of the pins are rounded and do not catch.

We continue to hydrate the nails; for this, we will apply a base depending on what your nails need.

Apply the Polish

And now comes the most challenging part for all of us, choosing a color; what is your favorite?

When applying color, it is recommended that you start by using the enamel in the center and that you try not to touch the cuticle, and if you see it necessary to give another layer of enamel.

Using a drying oil

To finish with our manicure, it would be enough to apply a drying oil, with which to provide a unique shine to our nails, in addition to drying them in record time.

We hope that this post about the perfect colored manicure has been useful and encourages you to visit our online perfumery and buy our products with the best value for money.


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