The Rising Hip Hop Stars

Rising Hip Hop Stars

However, thanks to them the scene gained a great boost in the younger market. Getting other rap and hip hop singers to have a chance to be heard. 

Since 1998, Eminem has shown his face and globalized rap in every way. Almost 15 years of positioning for its high sales gave so much value to rap and hip hop, that today its impact on the music industry is observed.

In addition, with the emergence of phenomena like Drake in the early 2010’s, the integration of melodic rap into pop music and the new trends of trap, trap-rap and emo-rap began to be the new alternative pop. Here are some of the most popular hip hop stars in the world right now.

Denny Strickland

Rolling Stones referred to him as one of the artists to watch, and for good reason. This guy mixes R&B with his country music, and Strickland has found a bunch of fans who like his music. Having collaborated with famous rappers like Juicy J. and created some phenomenal music that blurs the lines for musical genres, Strickland is notorious for his own sound.

He weaves an intricate web of amazing futuristic sounds with classic elements that you may think are out of place in his music. And yet, they feel just like home. It’s just a fantastic mixture that has helped him garner quite a following. 


If you thought that EMINEM would not have a worthy successor, it is time for you to meet who, in talent, could be his son. Nathan John Feuerstein, well known as ИF, is undoubtedly one of the revelation talents of the 2010’s.

With four studio albums, two Billboard No. 1 debuts, and a triple platinum certified single, this Michigan rapper is establishing himself as one of the best emerging rappers on the scene. Here is the single with which he got everyone’s attention: “Let You Down.” 


Justin Stone is a 23-year-old independent rapper who has set out to release a single per week throughout 2020. With a musical offering that ranges from pop and punk to some trap-rap, this Ohio artist has managed to climb the charts. of reproduction little by little since 2016 with already more than 70 million streams.

His collaboration on the song “Rise Above It” on I Prevail’s TRAUMA album , gave him the impetus to organize his own European tour this year. 

A rapper who takes advantage of YouTube and Spotify insights to promote his music like every DIY artist should.  


The formula behind emo-rap couldn’t be better represented than by Lil Lotus. Punk-rock melodies over hip-hop beats and lyrics that speak of anxiety and depression.

This was enough for this rapper to be signed by Epitaph Records, heralding a musical wave that will replace melodic core and pop-punk for years to come. After his 2017 EP Body Bag, he is now working on material for this 2020. 


After XXXTentación’s passing, Roddie Rich wrote and dedicated his song “Die Young”   referring to why legends have to go soon. This song garnered 80 million views on YouTube and 130 million views on Spotify. Under the signature of Atlantic Records , on December 6, 2019, he presented his album Please Excuse For Being Antisocial, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.


From drummer to dental student and freelance hip-hop and rap singer. That’s right, this artist has shown that you can do it with hard work and perseverance. With more than 30 million views, his single “Runnin” garnered greater exposure with appearances on ESPN SportCenter , in the NBA and even on Forza Horizon 4 in 2018. His philosophy is to continue creating and producing his own material freely and without being tied to a label.


This Maryland rapper just became a success story due to the boom of his single “Roxane” in November 2019. Due to its high views on Spotify and its viralization on Tik Tok, Roxane became the first song by an independent artist to reach the No.1 spot on Spotify since 2017. He went from recording and producing his music to being signed by Columbia Records with this event. Another example of the power of social media to achieve success independently.


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