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Complete Guide on Develop a Video Conferencing App Zoom

Zoom clone
Zoom clone

The year 2020 has brought various uncertainties for the people worldwide, which has forced them to maintain social distancing. With this massive change, the global population, including businesses, is forced to work from home. However, to ensure everything goes seamlessly, almost everyone is dependent on video conferences. Because of this, it has offered a way to one and only video conferencing app called Zoom. It delivers an incredible platform to businesses, students, etc., to conduct meetings and classes online.

According to the report, since last year, around 62 million people have downloaded video conferencing apps in just one week of March 2020.

So, you can well imagine how much popularity video conferencing apps are getting till now. Hence, if you are a businessman and want to develop your own video conferencing app like Zoom, you are going in the right direction.

Let’s discuss everything about video chat applications like Zoom if you plan to build top Zoom clone.

What is the Zoom app?

This is a cloud-based video conferencing app whose primary purpose is to virtually help people meet with each other. Zoom is compatible with various operating systems like IOS, Mac, Linux, etc. and no doubt it will be used by almost every company in the year 2020, and this process is still going on.

However, with the help of this app, the users can make free calls for up to 40 minutes, and if they exceed the time, they have to pay a $14.99/monthly fee. Apart from that, this app allows hosting conferencing calls for around 100 people at one time, which can be continued for at least 24 hours.

What goes into the development of a Video conferencing app like Zoom?

Below are some of the essential steps that developers have to follow while building an app.

  1. Design of UI

The user interface of the app offers the first and last impression of the service. So, ensure it should be attractive and intuitive.

  • IOS and Android compatibility

In order to increase the traffic of the app, you have to make your app compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

  • Backend development

During the starting stage of the app, it is essential to have a robust server of the app. So, it is recommended to build that server from scratch instead of using ready-made technologies.

  • Technology stack
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You have endless choices like Kotlin, Java for Android app development as you introduce a single platform app. On the other hand, you can also go for Objective-C and Swift for IOS app development.

Apart from that, if you want a cross-platform app, you can select from Flutter and React Native.

  • Testing the app

Testing is the last bot most essential procedure in video chat app development. So, before you launch the app in the market, make sure to go for in-house testing to quickly eliminate the various errors or bugs from the app for best performance.

Define the features of the video conferencing app

Indeed, all the top Zoom app clones are not the same, and the thing that sets them apart is the features they are delivering to their users. So, to make your viral app include the below features.

  • Creating and managing profile
  • Using a virtual background in video calls
  • Show pre-call video preview
  • Can easily team while attending video meetings
  • You can easily register via email or through social media profile
  • Desktop sharing
  • Multi-party conference
  • Share file during a video conference
  • Record video calls and store them in the cloud
  • Authority to change app theme, and many more

How much does it cost to build an app like Zoom?

According to two ranges, the estimated cost of building an app like Zoom.

CountryAverage hourly rateMVPFull feature set
USA$80$96 000 – 116 000$140 000 – 192 000
UK$70$ 84 000 – 101500$ 122 500 – 168 000
Western Europe (Germany)$60$ 72 000 – 87 000$ 105 000 – 144 000
Eastern Europe (Ukraine)$30$36 000 – 43 500$52 500 -72 000
India$25$ 30 000 – 36 250$ 43 750 – 60 000

However, this is just a rough estimate. The actual cost will depend upon the final list of the app features you want to integrate into your video conferencing app like Zoom.


These days, video calls are not only the need of the professional world, but it is also becoming the need of every individual. No doubt, in the world of video conferencing, the app called Zoom has placed itself as most significant. But if you think you have the ideas and abilities to build an app like Zoom, it will surely go a long way.

So, what are you waiting for to get ready to work on the concept like top Zoom app clone and prove that your ideas can also rule the world where people have a chance to connect with both worlds.



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