How to Successfully Manage Remote Work Teams

Manage Remote Work Teams

With the current situation, many companies have been forced to implement teleworking among their employees in order to continue with their daily activities.

To continue working correctly and 100%, it is essential to work with a series of online tools that make teleworking more than a positive and productive activity.

5 Tools for you to Remotely Manage your Team


Source: Zoom

Zoom is an online platform for video conferencing, chat and screen sharing, which in its free version allows you to have unlimited 1-to-1 video calls, and group meetings of up to 40 minutes in length, with a limit of 100 participants per video call.

The possibility of being connected up to 100 team members in its free version, being more than enough in the vast majority of SMEs, and being able to share the computer screen of one of the team members with the other participants, makes Zoom a Very powerful and necessary tool in remote work, ideal for conducting telematic team meetings.


Source: Slack

Slack is a very practical and easy to use instant messaging tool.

Let’s you send private messages to a single team member, or send shared messages in groups (called Channels), which can be all or part of the team.

In Slack you can send text messages, as well as share files, images, documents, etc. both from your computer and from Google Drive.

Slack also allows you to make calls and video calls between different team members.


Source: Trello

Trello is a project management tool that allows you to organize the different projects and work tasks that you are executing or that you have to start up.

Trello has two different blocks: the boards and the cards.

A Trello board is a board that contains different lists arranged horizontally, which allows you to see the different projects you have in a very visual and practical way.

For example, you can create boards by clients or by services.

For example, if you create a service board, within the Service A board, you can create cards for each of the phases or parts that make up Service A.

Cards can contain to-do lists, images, attachments, team comments, as well as assign deadlines and color labels to set priorities, for example.

At both the board and card levels, team members can be assigned, all of whom can be reviewing the content of the board in question, along with the assigned task cards, or only those in which the worker will participate.


Source: Telegram

Telegram is an instant messaging application that has more powerful features than WhatsApp, the most important being the possibility of accessing all the content uploaded to the chat from the beginning.

Telegram allows, unlike Slack, to send voice messages, something useful and practical when it is not possible to make a call or video call at the moment with a member of the team.


Source: Rescue Time
Source: RescueTime

RescueTime is a multiplatform application oriented to productivity and time control that we invest in each task.

This application allows you to record what web pages, applications and programs you use each day on your different devices, and measure the time you spend on each of them.

Keys to lead your remote work team

In addition to the different applications and technological tools that exist and that I have shown you, the success of managing remote work teams lies in being clear about some factors and keys related to leadership and teamwork, although this is not find in the same physical space.

Establish rules

It is essential to establish a series of rules and steps to follow that all remote team members have to know, have to understand and have to comply with.

In this way, all team members act according to said rules or parameters, within the framework regulated by the company.

Achievement of Goals


Another key point is goal setting. Each employee has to be clear about what their duties are and what the objectives are that they have to meet.

By clearly establishing each of the objectives, it is easier, both for the workers, to perform the tasks necessary to achieve their objectives, and for the company, to analyze and measure if the worker has successfully achieved the objectives.

Constant and clear communication

Finally, it is super important that there is a clear and continuous communication at all times by the entire team.

All members must be connected and available during the established working hours, being able to support each other easily and quickly.

Thus, if any doubt or need arises, it can be resolved through the route that best suits you: email, instant chat, phone call or videoconference.


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