What is a Destination Wedding? First steps to plan


If you want an extraordinary celebration (and your city), know everything that should be considered to plan a destination wedding. Choosing a dream place is not the only thing that implies having a link of this type. Do you think you have everything under control?

A private beach, a magical town or a place in the middle of nature can be authentic paradises to put an engagement ring in their lives. In the photo albums of couples with happy faces always appear when they hear their thoughts of love, promised with their modern wedding dresses and guests having a great time. If you would like to experience this experience, read this practical guide carefully.

What is a Destination Wedding?

A destination wedding is one in which two couples decide to get married in a different place to where they and most of their guests live. These types of links imply a displacement for both them and their guests. The chosen destinations are usually spaces with great architectural, historical or natural beauty, either in their country of origin or abroad.

Why are they fashionable?

Destination weddings are fashionable for being an extraordinary and very pleasant experience for lovers and their loved ones. They are framed in places with wonderful scenery, become intimate celebrations and translate into an unforgettable holiday in which everyone will celebrate the love of a couple.

In addition, for the couple it can be a two in one, since they can take advantage of the displacement to not make another trip and have their honeymoon there. If this is the case, do not forget to pack, along with the dress and the wedding dress, a cocktail dress, a swimsuit or camping boots, according to your destination.

Choosing the destination of your wedding will involve an exhaustive investigation. To feel less pressure and to be sure that a professional helps them to have everything in order, the most practical thing is to delegate the organization to a wedding planner.

How much?

The cost of a destination wedding varies as in any wedding, as it depends a lot on the wishes of the couple and the number of guests. Start from this budget to plan yours and set a limit.Normally, destination weddings tend to be smaller, but they involve other types of expenses, such as transfers and accommodation for you and your closest relatives; the rest must run with their own expenses. Your guests will appreciate the detail even if they do not spend too much.

The Six Basic

The most important thing to consider when planning a destination wedding can be summarized in six points:

  1. Take into account that there are enough locations for wedding banquets to choose from, professional wedding providers, that the costs and times of transfers and the air and land connectivity of the place are manageable and that hotels are available for different budgets.
  2. Find a balance with the agenda of those who want to be accompanied. If they celebrate it during a weekend, a bridge or during the holiday season, they will guarantee the arrival of more guests; but on a much-requested date, the prices of services and transfers and accommodations for family and friends will also skyrocket.
  3. Find out what paperwork you need to complete and in what time frame. As there are circumstances that are not requested in all states, do not let this take you by surprise.
  4. Ask for quotes and define a budget as realistic as possible.
  5. Make the list of closest and most important guests.
  6. Value the possibility of hiring a wedding planner. From the entire wedding tasks calendar, identify which ones you think will be complicated to perform remotely and put a price on the convenience of someone dealing with it from the same destination. A wedding planner can be an essential part in these cases.

Try to make a decision with enough time and do not wait until the wedding invitations to communicate to your loved ones that they will marry out of the city: A save the date as punctual as they can always be appreciated. Friends and family will be happy to accompany you with their party dresses to the beach, to the forest or wherever they are going to promise eternal love.


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