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Fall Winter Hair Trends Report 2019: Trendiest Colors


In this Fall Hair Trends 2019 report, we will give you the lowdown on the hottest trends in hairstyles, hair color and celebrity hair-dos. A hot color is more than just changing your hairstyle. Tweaking colors and shades or adding highlights will make the biggest difference in your overall appearance; we’ve seen the biggest stars do it all the time. Here are the trendiest colors that you can try out this season:

Plum Brown:

Coupled with either red or violet undertones, plum brown is a good alternative for people who are naturally brunette. The color change adds the subtle edge that can make all the difference in the world. This is perfect for people who want to keep a professional look while still being edgy. You can hype up the red depending on the end result that you like. We’ve seen Kelly Osbourne rock this color on multiple occasions.

Cherry Cola Red:

 It’s been a great time for red hair in the past few seasons, and it is still making huge waves. Now I may be in the minority here but I’m not a huge fan of this look when the hue is too bright and clownish in appearance but I felt it was worthy of being discussed due to its popularity. The Cherry Cola look perhaps makes the skin tone appear a bit warmer during the colder months. Take starlet Cheryl Cole who credits L’Oreal Paris for her new hue, using their Casting creme gloss in 550 Mahogany and Rihanna for instance – if you have the same olive skin as these two ladies do, then this hair color is perfect for you. People who have donned dark colors can enjoy this change of hue to spice things up a bit!

Copper Red:

Fair-skinned people like Julianne Moore can rock this color the best. Have you ever doubted that you’ve had a much “too dark” kind of red? If so, this is the season to give in to your hunches and lighten things up as you go. Quick tip: organic hair color products are great for achieving the best results – try mixing a tinge of bright orange (yes – orange!) with the classic copper red for an extra “pop” this season!

Classic Blonde:

We’ve been going on and on about red and reddish hues, but the classic blonde colors are very much relevant, too. Butter blonde, to be specific, is great for those who don’t mind a little experimenting here and there. Try adding some platinum blonde highlights to accent the golden yellow strands. Obviously, this hairdo may require more upkeep than other hair colors (especially come winter), but believe us when we say that it’s all worth it.

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If for some reason you haven’t heard of this one before, think of Adriana Lima, Jennifer Lopez, and the gorgeous Jessica Biel. The good thing about bronde is that there isn’t one written-in-stone rule: you can combine blonde and brown hues (to go lighter or darker) as you prefer. To get the subtle ombre look that’s been really hot in Hollywood these days, here’s a quick tip: make the shade lighter around the face and use mixed highlights towards the end. This look allows you to get a darker hairdo without having to go for copper or red colors.

Loose polished waves:

 this is the right time to let your fall hair shine its brightest without minding the frizz; with that in mind, feel free to embrace loose waves similar to talented beauty Mila Kunis which you can rock casually (knitted hats, anyone?) and on formal occasions with no worries.

Texture messy bobs:

are just hot, hot, hot! We know that fall hair is the best kind for growing your locks long and straight, but we’re keeping our eyes open for the best texturized bobs. This haircut isn’t just low maintenance, but can also fit you perfectly if you have an ombre color scheme going on. Here’s some A-list inspiration: Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlet Johansson and Ashley Greene!

Straight and Sleek:

Now that summer is officially over and with little to no humidity problems in mind, it’s the moment to grow your fall hair long and classically straight. Show off your long strands with radiant shine, just like Selena Gomez and Rachel Bilson. Up the ante by blow drying your hair and using good moisturizing oil for added effect!

Wispy or bold Bangs:

Whichever path you take, bangs are in this season. Although this has a lot to do with your facial features and personal preferences, getting the correct type of fringe will give an extra boost to your already gorgeous fall hair! Be inspired by trendsetter Kim Kardashian and songstress Kelly Rowland where this bold look is concerned.



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