150 Good Questions To Ask A Guy You Like – The Ultimate List

150 Good Questions To Ask A Guy You Like - The Ultimate List

So you’ve been crushing on this hot guy in your office or your cute next-door neighbor. You’ve been secretly typing “random questions to ask a guy”, “questions to ask a guy you like”, and even “questions to ask a guy to get to know him”, but you’re still at a loss on how to approach him. 

Search no more because we’ve come up with the ultimate list of good questions to ask a guy! Read on, and before you know it, you might be changing your query from “ interesting questions to ask” to “the best engagement buying tips”.

Questions To Ask A Guy You Just Met

There are several things to ask a guy the first time you meet. Nothing too serious, just light conversations and interesting compliments that hopefully might lead to a first date and even a second one.

  1. Do you get tired when people say you’re good looking?
  2. How is it possible that someone can be as pleasant to talk to as you?
  3. Am I blushing? Could it be because of you?
  4. I can’t seem to find my phone. Could you give me a hand by ringing it?
  5. Is it possible that this is the start of our own love story?
  6. Do you have a favorite song or singer?
  7. What do you think about fortune tellers?
  8. If love is a color, what color would it be?
  9. What would a dream vacation be like for you?
  10. We look good together, wouldn’t you agree?
  11. Is there anything special you wish to do on our first date?
  12. Is it a turn off for you when girls make the first move?
  13. How come we’ve only met just now?
  14. What about having coffee after dinner?
  15. Could you please stop making me smile?
  16. What is your zodiac sign? 
  17. Do you believe in sign compatibility?
  18. Do you like your name? If not, what would you change it to?
  19. Do you have any favorite cartoon characters?
  20. Can you live without beer or wine?

Interesting Questions To Ask A Guy You Want to be With

Once you feel that there is a possible connection between you two, you can now look at this list of random questions to ask a guy who could be your next BF. Because you’re sure that you want to get a date with this hottie, allow us to help you. These aren’t just icebreakers anymore but are geared toward getting to know him more. Here are several more good questions to ask a guy who might be your next boyfriend. 

  1. Would you say yes if I invite you for dinner?
  2. Where do you want to spend our first date?
  3. Is there anyone else who has caught your attention besides me?
  4. How would you feel if I tell you you’re someone I truly admire?
  5. What is one thing that you’d still do even if you’re dead tired at the end of the day?
  6. Have you ever had a nickname? Did you like or hate it?
  7. If you could be a superhero, who would you want to be?
  8. Is there something from your childhood that you are still in possession of?
  9. What’s your fondest memory as a child?
  10. Were you ever brought to the principal’s office when you were young?
  11. Do you remember what you secretly wanted to be when you were young?
  12. Did you find me beautiful the first time you saw me / my picture?
  13. If you like someone, would you have the guts to admit it to her?
  14. Do you believe that we have a soulmate out there waiting for us?
  15. Who do you think is the current apple of your eye?
  16. What catches your attention the first time you see or meet someone?
  17. Do you consider yourself a romantic person? 
  18. What do you think about kissing on the first date?
  19. What was your impression of me the first time we met?
  20. Where did you grow up? What kind of neighborhood was it?
  21. Do you remember your first crush?
  22. What would you do if I tried to kiss you right now?
  23. Have you ever cried because of a movie or a novel?
  24. How can I make you the happiest man in the world?
  25. What about going on a stroll after dinner?
  26. What is the fastest way to get to know you more?
  27. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  28. Have you already figured out what superpower I have?
  29. Would you rather be transported by a time machine into the future or into the past?
  30. What’s inside your bag?

Questions To Ask A Boy Living Next Door

You’ve known each other for quite some time now since you live in the same neighborhood. But the odds don’t seem to be in your favor because you’ve never really gotten the chance to start a real conversation with him. Once the universe finally conspires to give you that breakthrough, here are questions to ask a boy you might live within the not-so-distant future. These are questions to ask a guy to get to know him more and to level up from being just plain neighbors.

  1. If you could be any kind of animal or insect for 24 hours, what do you wish to be?
  2. You can only eat one food for the rest of your life. Would it be pizza or pasta?
  3. Have you kept track of how many people you have kissed?
  4. What is a major turn on for you?
  5. What is on top of your bucket list?
  6. If you could go to space and bring only 3 things with you, what would you bring?
  7. What is that one thing in your bedroom that you cannot imagine living without?
  8. What would you tell your younger self?
  9. What would you tell your older self?
  10. Which do you find more attractive, someone who’s smart or someone who’s beautiful?
  11. Do you have any regrets in your life?
  12. When was the last time you cried?
  13. What is one thing that scares the shit out of you?
  14. What is that one habit that you want to get rid of?
  15. Who do you think knows you more than you know yourself?
  16. What is your pet peeve?
  17. What dish are you an expert at cooking?
  18. Have you ever listened to a song for 24 hours straight?
  19. If you win the lottery, what would you buy first?
  20. What year do you consider to be your worst? What about your best?
  21. Do you believe in horoscope readings?
  22. Do you believe that what comes around goes around?
  23. Who is the closest person to you in your family?
  24. What do you think about living in a palace?
  25. What dessert can’t you live without?
  26. Do you consider yourself a cool person?
  27. How do you feel when someone doesn’t laugh at your jokes?
  28. When was the last time you were angry?
  29. Are you more of the serious type or the happy-go-lucky type of guy?
  30. What compliment never fails to bring a smile to your face?
  31. What is your definition of love?
  32. Do you think you’ve finally found that one you’re looking for?
  33. What superpower do you wish you could have?
  34. A genie appears right now, right here. What would you wish for?
  35. What do you think about being a celebrity?
  36. Would you sacrifice privacy for fame and fortune?
  37. Have you ever done something embarrassing just to be noticed by your crush?
  38. Are you a good tipper?
  39. What would you do if someone cheats on you with your best friend?
  40. What movie best describes your life so far?
  41. What skill do you wish you could learn in 1 day?
  42. Do you consider yourself a fashionista?
  43. Have you ever considered the existence of aliens being real?
  44. Would you rather have a cat or a dog?
  45. What do you think about us hanging out more often?
  46. What do you like most about your house?
  47. How often do you use your kitchen?
  48. Have you ever had an argument with any of your neighbors?
  49. What is something you wish you could have at home?
  50. Have you ever considered taking care of plants at home?
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Good Questions To Ask A Guy When You Want to Sound Witty

And if you still feel like the questions above are not enough, worry not because we have more questions you can ask a guy to get to know him. Our next set of random questions to ask a guy is full of questions that make you sound more witty and less serious.


  1. When and who did you have your first kiss with?
  2. What is the first gift you have ever bought for your crush?
  3. What is the first big purchase you’ve had?
  4. When was your first heartbreak?
  5. Who was your first crush?
  6. When was your first real relationship?
  7. What is the first thing that you see in a person?
  8. What was your first car?
  9. Who was the first girlfriend you introduced to your friends and parents?
  10. Where do you usually go on a first date?
  11. What is the first foreign country you have visited?
  12. When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing that you check on our phone?
  13. Who was the first singer you bought an album for?
  14. When was the first time you spoke in front of a big audience?
  15. Do you remember the brand and model of your first mobile phone?
  16. What is the first song that you listen to in the morning?
  17. What is your first tattoo? Or what tattoo would you like to have first?
  18. When was the first time you got a driving ticket?
  19. Who is the first person you send a message to in the morning?
  20. When was the first time you got drunk and failed to go home?
  21. What was the first movie you saw at the theater?
  22. Who is the first person you would call if you get into a fender bender?
  23. Where was your first school?
  24. Do you remember your first failing or perfect mark in school?
  25. What is the first thing I would see if I opened your fridge?
  26. Who is the first person on your speed dial?
  27. When was the first time you went to Disneyland?
  28. Do you remember the first time you gave flowers to a girl?
  29. What was the first concert you have ever seen?
  30. Who is the first person you’d call if you win the lottery?

Other Things To Ask A Guy You Can’t Stop Talking With

Have you ever felt like time is running out or rather, the questions to ask the guy you like are running out? But for the life of you, you don’t want to end the conversation! Here are things to ask a guy if you don’t have much time left on the clock.

Would you rather…

  1. Stay indoors or outdoors?
  2. TV or books?
  3. Camping or staycation?
  4. Singing or dancing?
  5. Iced or hot?
  6. Fame or privacy?
  7. Flowers or chocolates?
  8. Walking or driving?
  9. Lights off or lights on?
  10. Countryside or city?
  11. Ice cream or cake?
  12. Slippers or sneakers?
  13. Sunrise or sunset?
  14. Big old house or small modern house?
  15. Black or white?
  16. Driver or passenger?
  17. Top or bottom?
  18. Ketchup or mayonnaise?
  19. Beer or wine?
  20. Cat or dog?

There you go! We have rounded up the 150 best questions to ask a guy you like. It’s your time to shine, and we hope that this list comes handy! Let us know in the comment section the questions which worked for you. Good luck finding that next boyfriend of yours!


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