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How to be Productive when Working from Home

Working from Home

Working from home is the dream of many entrepreneurs. While it may be fantastic, it also has its flats and honestly, it’s not for everyone.

There are people who cannot take off a business from home because they start from a mistaken idea of ​​what it means to work from home.

Many are excited about the idea of ​​working in pajamas and slippers, without makeup, without worries about arrival and departure times, without having to move, putting together their own agenda, without having to give any account of the work done, etc.

But working from home also has its drawbacks. Too much flexibility can backfire when thinking about issues like productivity, income, etc.

That feeling of infinite freedom that seizes us usually translates into interspersing particular tasks during work hours, sometimes we don’t even establish a work schedule, sitting down to have another cup of coffee while we finish reading that interesting chapter before beginning our work and then we add another chapter, then we compensate in full … and before we know it, the boys from school arrive and peace is over. A day ruined at work.

But there are hopes, you can be productive and run a business from home.

How to be Productive when you work from home


1. No pajamas

While you don’t need to dress and put on makeup to go to the office, you should know that changing your sleepwear and combing your hair is the first act to face the day with energy. It is saying to yourself, “I am ready to start working.”

2. Have a work plan

In a dependency relationship job, they tell you perfectly what you have to do day by day. But when you work for yourself and especially when your business has not yet taken off, the best way to waste time is not to have a specific program of tasks to do.

3. Once you have a task list, the most effective is to prioritize.

The criteria for setting priorities tend to vary from person to person, but as an indication, it is better to start with the most critical tasks for our work.

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Sometimes when we see that a task is difficult or it will take us a long time, we postpone it and never complete it.

One of the most satisfactory ways to end the day is to know that even though there are pending tasks, at least the most important one is ready.

Another alternative is to focus first on the tasks that make the most money.

4. When facing those priority tasks, it is convenient to close the mail and Facebook.

If you don’t keep it at bay, Facebook is the main cause of distractions because there is no way that social activities do not attract our attention.

5. Another distracting element when you are trying to carry out the main goal of the day is the phone.

There are several solutions here: having someone else attend you, put an answering machine, turn it off (during a task that requires a lot of concentration).

In addition, the phone when working at home has an extra danger, the family calls (ay the mothers …) because they know that you are at home and, honestly, the idea that you work while at home has not yet closed them …

It can also be the other way around, if the clients know that you work from home, it is possible that they will call you at 11 at night because at that time you are unoccupied. In those cases, it is best to ask for a second line and not attend to the family on schedule work, or attend the business during family hours.

6. Assign time to each task

This is very important for people who have a hard time concentrating. An alternative is to assign periods of time in which you only have to do the task that you set for yourself. This technique for managing time is called Pomodoro and there is software that help you.


To be productive when you work from home you need to: dress appropriately, remove distractions, limit the phone, prioritize and schedule tasks, use a timer to manage your time.

If you stand firm, you will gradually establish work habits and your business will benefit.



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