How to Plan the Ultimate Movie Night with the Kids

Movie Night with the Kids

Family time is a special time, but with our busy lives planning fun-filled family time can be difficult. That’s why the small thoughts count. A great movie night can be a low-effort way to be in bed at a reasonable time and not wear yourself out for work or school the day after. Done with a little bit extra, and it can be a truly special memory for you, and your kids.

Making memories and traditions is the best way to spend time with your family, so start making your own special memories today by following this guide.

Rotate Who Chooses the Movie

A great way to make sure that everyone enjoys movie night and that your kids don’t fight over who is going to watch what is to rotate who chooses the movie. Not only does this give the next person something to think about in the lead-up, but it also makes things fair. This way, everyone can enjoy the movie knowing that they have their own pick coming up.

Get Cozied Up

What’s a great movie night in without some comfortable pajamas? Not only should you all get into cozy wear, but it’s also fun to have matching outfits. This will be a big hit, in particular with younger kids, who might think it’s funny that they’re wearing the same pajamas as you are. There are so many great adults’ and kids’ and pajamas on so you can get your matching set perfect for your next movie night. If your kids are older and think it’s lame, don’t worry – you can match slippers instead!


Make Your Own Popcorn

There are so many reasons to make your own popcorn. For one, you are in full control of it, which means it’s typically healthier than other options. You can also make it personalized. Create the popcorn, and separate it into individual bowls. Everyone can then pick their own toppings. You may like a bit of spice, and as a result, add some paprika or Cajun to your butter topping. The kids may want to have their popcorn caramelized, which is actually very easy to do! Garlic powder, popcorn seasonings, and even salt are all options. Making your own popcorn keeps things fun and interesting and also gives you more of an excuse to spend some active family time together. Of course, if you’re tired or running late, having that good old, trusted microwaved popcorn in stock will come in handy.

Make it a Fun Game

Create a list of common movie tropes. You can then play a game. Whoever’s moving fits most of those trips gets a funny little prize. You can also print off bingo sheets with those tropes, so whoever wins the bingo doesn’t have to clean up. There are so many ways you can make movie watching more fun and engaging and, in turn, make it something memorable for the whole family. It’s no different from adults playing a drinking game, only with kids; you’ll replace doing a shot with whatever else you and your family think is fun.


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