Top 7 Motivational & Inspirational Movies for Entrepreneurs


Being an entrepreneur might seem easy to those who haven’t had to face the challenges of entrepreneurship. From trying to close clients, to managing your team and operations, it stretches you more than you ever thought you could. It is crucial and, at times, the most difficult for you to stay motivated. Watching some inspirational movies is a great way to stay motivated for your team and your business. While taking the time out to watch an entire movie in one sitting can be tasking, apps like Roku app can help. You can get your daily dose of inspiration on the go.

If you’re motivated, you can get your team motivated. There are things you can do to help with staying motivated. You can try relieving your stress by taking the time out to exercise daily. You could get organized and set smaller goals, which lead up to your main objective. But for most of us, nothing can motivate us more than a good inspirational movie. There is just something about watching your favorite actors in similar situations as you, which makes you feel like you can achieve what you set out to.

Here is a list of 7 movies some of the most successful entrepreneurs watch, when they need a bit of inspiration.

7 Most Inspiring and Motivating Movies for Entrepreneurs  

While we all have different tastes in movies and music, there are some things, which work for most. These box office hits, might not include your favorite actors, but their success rate shows that they have something which speaks to the public. Give them a try, perhaps you’ll change your mind.

#1. The Pursuit of Happiness

Misspelled on purpose. The pursuit of happiness follows the struggles to the success of a seemingly ordinary man. The movie is based on the life of Christopher Paul Gardner, a successful American businessperson, investor, stockbroker, and philanthropist. The true story, while adapted for cinema, has inspired many to overcome their challenges. A must watch if you feel like you’re backed up against the wall.

#2. Forrest Gump

The story of a simple man who achieves the success he never even dreamed of. The movie shows us that by doing what you feel is the right thing to do, anything is possible. That said, some feel that the story is not relatable to people who work under normal circumstances. While that may be true, it doesn’t mean that watching the movie doesn’t motivate you. If you watch the movie, without the notion that you’re watching it to get inspired, it’s most likely going to work for you.

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#3. Moneyball

If sports is your thing, then this movie is right up your alley. The movie revolves around the Oakland Athletics and its general manager, Billy Bean, played by Brad Pitt. The movie is relatable to most entrepreneurs. The storyline involves a series of challenges, which Billy has to accomplish, with a lack of funds. It can teach you the importance of innovation to change your reality, in an ecosystem set in its traditional ways.

#4. Wall Street (1987)

While the new rendition of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, took a different approach; the original is better for entrepreneurs. If you watch the movie objectively, you can clearly understand the line between ambition and greed. While ambition can be positive, greed almost always has negative long-term results. The lessons an entrepreneur can learn from watching Wall Street are enough to warrant a must watch suggestion.

#5. Rocky (1976)

The Rocky series is known and loved the world over. The original is still the most coveted. It perfectly shows us the true spirit of an underdog. It has some of the best lines, like “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up”. If you feel like work is beating you down, this is a must watch movie to get your spirits back up. You really can go wrong with any of the movies from the Rocky series, but Rocky 1 and 5 are the best of the best.

#6. Ctrl+Alt+Compete

Ctrl+Alt+Compete is a documentary, which encapsulates the modern entrepreneurial spirit. It provides crucial insights into today’s start-up industry. It breaks all illusions of the start-up industry and shed light on some of the best and worst practices. It gives insights to the harsh reality, the high and the lows of the start-up world. If you are an entrepreneur or are thinking of going into business for yourself, you probably need to watch this documentary.

#7. The Aviator

Before Elon Musk, there was Howard Hughes. This movie follows, in detail, the struggles of one of history’s most enigmatic entrepreneurs. It is safe to say, Howard Hughes perfectly encapsulated the entrepreneurial spirit. From his diversification tactics to his operational control, a modern entrepreneur can learn much from him. While the movie follows his business and life from 1927 – 1947. While some can argue that it can’t relate to the business world of today, there is still much you can learn from this award-winning movie.

TV and movies somehow resonate with us more. While it may sound unbelievable, offering recreational activities like TV and music can help with employee productivity. Service providers offer cable and internet packages, like Spectrum TV and Internet Bundle package, which you could use to motivate your employees. Keeping yourself and your office motivated could mean the difference between success and failure.


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