How to Style Geometric Shaped Jewelry?


What’s more troubling than choosing out the perfect outfit to wear on that one special occasion? Trying to pick out the best jewelry pieces to go along with it!

Women all around the world are stuck in this dilemma every day. According to a study, women spend an average of 90 minutes a week in their wardrobes, deciding what to wear.

Jewelry is the essence of the ensemble, so why not make wise, educated decisions when you wish to adorn it? You need to pick out an outfit and the matching jewelry that goes with the occasion. (You sure do not want to wear dangling bracelets to your work environment or mismatch the color palette of your dress and the accessories.) Over-doing your jewelry may be too extravagant while under doing it may make your dress look bland and dull however expensive it might be.  Layer the jewelry items the right way, especially if you own non-conventional exotic items like the trendy geometric statement pieces. The jewelry futurists have predicted that this modern, unique and bold jewelry trend is here to stay. The geometric jewelry pieces are a must-have in your accessory collection.  We have gathered three basic principles to help you coordinate your geometric jewelry pieces to the fullest.

Match the Event

The foremost thing to look after before pairing up your outfit and the jewelry is “for what occasion asks.” Wearing the right jewelry piece can pop up your outfit. For instance, wearing a geometric jewelry item can really add a hint of uniqueness and color to your outfit. Or you can glamorize your look by adding a unique ring to your accessories. The point is to blend in the situation keeping your individuality.

At particular places, it is mandatory or understood that you follow the dress-code. Now, you cannot go to a conservative work-place wearing bright colors layered with obscure multicolored trendy jewelry pieces. There is such a thing as wrong jewelry choice for the occasion, and you have got to keep in view the demand for the time before prepping up.

Speak Your Style

Designers are coming up with innovative and unique ideas. They have been trying to expand their horizons by presenting trendy jewelry items to the world. Modern times are all about flaunting your style. If worn with proper manner, geometric Jewelry designs can be your key to boast off your unique self. Pick out a piece that really speaks for yourself. A trendy ring or maybe a necklace with your initials… anything that suits you well. Always say yes to try new things. Where being yourself is essential, it is also necessary to experiment with your looks to keep up with the changing trends.

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Less is More!

When it comes to draping yourself up in the perfect outfit for the event, make sure your jewelry is aligned with it too. When wearing geometric jewelry items, you need to carefully pick it up as it can be quite tricky to get a bold geometric piece to go with your outfit. A simple rule follows for these new and trendy jewelry items- “less is more.”

When you have got a desk job, it will be an excellent option to add a unique metallic ring to your whole get-up that really defines your style. Rings can add pop to your whole look, especially if they coordinate with the dress’ tone. Remember though; rings draw attention to your fingers, so make sure your hands are manicured.

Double finger rings have become very popular and are a great way to spruce up your appearance. You can accessorize your fingers with it on a night out with your friends to classy-up your outfit.

While wearing a necklace, it should be kept in mind that it compliments both the shape of your face and the neckline of your top. Trendy squared pendant necklaces look best with Florentine and Diamond necklines and the V-necks look best with v-shaped necklaces (naturally!). Grab a pair of statement earrings to elevate your facial features. The key here is to keep in view that you do not over-do your accessories.

There’s not a lot of expertise and insight needed to coordinate jewelry just some carefully taken decisions. The code here is crystal, be yourself, wear what you feel confident in and outshine everyone!


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