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Look of Personality: How to Create It?


In times of social networking, we are becoming more passionate about fashion and more engaged in creating distinctive looks and full of personality.

But let’s agree that this is not such a simple task. Creating a look, without copying anyone and translating everything you want to convey, takes time and requires a closer look at fashion. If you want to know more fashion and trending tips, you can visit www.braceletworld.co to find your accessories.

But since nothing is impossible, today we are going to give you some tips to start putting all your essence into your compositions and create a personality look. Follow us!

Explore Your Personality

The first rule to put your whole personality into a look is just to know it. It is very common to think that we already know everything about ourselves, but over time we change a lot of ideas and personal tastes.

Explore your preferences, see if you are more extroverted or discreet, whether you prefer vibrant colors or feel more at ease with neutral tones or even if you prefer romanticism or are more modern.

All of this is information that we are able to convey with a visual. That’s why it’s so important to explore what we’d like to go through.

Look for what suits you

In addition to exploring your personality, it is interesting to understand what fits best with your physical characteristics. This helps to harmonize your preferences with your appearance.

Research your skin tone and sub tom, body shape and look for the colors and models that look best on you. Some pieces are able to lengthen the silhouette, decrease the size of the hips, and enhance small breasts and more.

Take your lifestyle into consideration

Your lifestyle is a very important point that you should take into consideration before creating your personality look.

The places you go to, what you do in your day to day, the kind of work you do. All of these points will directly influence your look. So before separating your pieces, imagine what occasions you would use them and how they might best represent you.

Start with what you already have

Before you chase after your new looks, start with what’s already in the wardrobe. Maybe some of these pieces already tell you a lot about you and just need adjustments.

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Select the one you like best and start experimenting. Combine colors, sizes and shapes – always remembering the previous tips – and give a new face to what was already in the sameness.

Starting with what we already have is one of the easiest ways to create personality looks; after all, they just need to be repositioned to look like fashionistas.

Get Inspired

We know you want an authentic look, but if you feel difficult, taking inspiration from someone does not hurt you at all. Look for a person who is closest to your style.

It is interesting that you have the same physical characteristics of that person to ensure that your style will be in harmony with hers and from there you can be inspired by colors, pieces, accessories and combinations to start having a north.

Over time, your gaze will become more trained and you will begin to fly with your own wings.

Remember that style is directly linked to self-knowledge and the more you pick your preferences and feel comfortable with what you really are, the faster you’ll be creating your personality look! The secret is to be you!



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