Kraft pillow boxes: One solution to all packaging problems

kraft pillow boxes wholesale

It is easy to find an appropriate gift for your loved one. Although, it is quite hard to pack it properly. Different gifts need different packaging. Some are big so they need large boxes. Whereas, others are fragile and need tough packaging. Companies cannot spend so much on packaging. Therefore, they need a box that is suitable for all kinds of products. It should also be affordable. Kraft pillow boxes wholesale packaging solves their problems. These boxes are durable and protect the product for a long time. Moreover, these are also cheap, and companies can get a lot of these affordable rates.

Raw material:

Companies can make pillow boxes using different materials. Cardboard is one of them. However, it is suitable for only protecting the product. It is difficult to customize it and make it in different colours. Whereas, gifts need to be attractive. Customization is important for this. Therefore, they use Kraft paper to make Kraft pillow boxes wholesale. These boxes are durable. Moreover, companies can also customize these boxes easily. Therefore, they prefer these boxes for packing gifts. Customers can also modify these boxes as they like.

Items packed:

Companies pack different merchandise in these boxes. Kraft pillow boxes wholesale are mainly used for packing gifts. There is a wide variety of gifts. All can be packed efficiently in these boxes. People like to gift:


These gifts are very important for attracting women. Husbands gift it to their wives at special moments such as anniversaries. There are several choices available in cosmetics too. These range from lip gloss to lipstick and much more. All of these products are packed easily using pillow box packaging. It lessens the cost of packaging the product. Therefore, people can buy gifts at cheap rates.


This gift is also for couples. It increases the love between them. It is a very expensive gift. Therefore, it needs to be protected at all costs. Therefore, companies use Kraft pillow boxes wholesale packaging for this item. It provides the best safety to the product. Moreover, companies can also customize it easily. Therefore, it makes the product very beautiful.


Some people also gift candles to their loved ones. It represents their love. They want to light up the lives of their loved ones. Candles also need proper protection. Any pressure applied to them can change their shape. They will not look beautiful then. Moreover, they might also not burn properly. Therefore, Kraft pillow boxes wholesale packaging is used for these items. People can present the product attractively using these.

Importance for companies:

Companies are dependent on custom pillow boxes to boost their business. These boxes are very important. They serve a lot of functions.


These boxes are very cheap. Therefore, companies can buy a lot of boxes at once. This allows them to pack a lot of gifts at once. These gifts are then transferred to the retailers. People can choose from these gifts. It gives them a wide variety. Therefore, they prefer the same company while buying the gifts for the next time. Moreover, these also reduce the cost of packing. Therefore, people can buy the products cheaper. It attracts more buyers.


These boxes are easy to discard. People can throw away the boxes easily after they unwrap the gift. Companies can use old boxes to make newer ones. Therefore, it is very business-friendly. People also feel comfortable using these boxes. They do not have to worry about their disposal. This is why pillow boxes wholesale packaging has become very common.

Attracting customers:

Custom pillow boxes wholesale packaging is very efficient in attracting customers. It highlights the product. Retailers place a lot of products on the shelves. Therefore, people find it difficult to find their preferred product. So, companies use customization. It allows them to make a box that is very attractive and unique. However, it allows people to identify the product from a distance. It increases the sales of a company. Moreover, it also attracts new buyers. The company can grow in this way.

Protecting product:

Gifts are very important. Therefore, it is important to protect them. Some of them are very fragile. These are also expensive. Therefore, even a slight miscarriage can break them. Durable and hard boxes prevent this mishap. Therefore, it allows the retailers to display the product for a longer time.

During shipping:

Companies ship a lot of products at once. This can damage the products by applying pressure on them. Therefore, they need boxes that are strong and durable.

During display:

A mistake of the customer can also break the product. Moreover, a lot of products are displayed on the shelves. Therefore, these boxes protect the product. These act as a barrier to any damage. These absorb the damage. Therefore, the product remains safe.


This option is very important for all companies. It allows them to fulfil the demands of the customers. It allows them to alter the boxes easily. They can change:

The shape of the box:

Pillow boxes are special in this regard. They have two closed ends. Whereas, the centre is inflated. Therefore, it looks just like a pillow. Customization allows the companies to make such boxes.


It should be according to the size of the product. If the box is smaller than the product, it will apply extra pressure. It can damage the product. Whereas, if it is larger, the product can get damaged during transport by colliding with the walls of the box.


Companies can choose different colour schemes for the box. It increases the beauty of the product. It also leaves a decent impression. They mainly use bright and cool colours. It highlights the product among the others.

Adding a handle:

It is difficult to hold a box without a handle. Therefore, companies can also add a handle in these boxes. It helps people carry the product easily. It gives a good grip. Therefore, it further protects the product from falling. Hence, people prefer such boxes over normal ones.  


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