Role of Beauty Influencer Marketing in the Success of Beauty Products Companies


A beauty influencer is the one that drives interest among the consumers towards beauty products. The beauty influencers have social media and vlogging tools as their stage of performance which they utilize to educate the users about products by showing them their practical utility. The beauty is not only pertaining to achieving flawless skin. In fact, head-to-toe styling comprising of hair, make-up, nails and etc. can be the focus of beauty influencers. The emergence of beauty influencers in recent times says a lot about the consciousness that people have about looking their best.

What are the various consumables developed by beauty influencers

Beauty product companies need agents who can promote their products with added credibility. The influencers allow these companies to cash their popularity and fan base in the favor of their marketing endeavors. The influencers are engaged in posting consumables on a regular basis which can act as a reference point for the audience. These consumables are:

  1. Photographs and story/emotion behind it: The beauty influencers post the photos with make-up on. They can tell about the story behind the photo and also talk about products used to create the look. These real-life applications of beauty products and the end-result (the photo) help the end-users to be sure of the utility and impact of the product promoted by the influencer.
  2. Vlog: Influencers give a slice of their life through video blogs. They share their aspirations, the work they do, and the kind of impact they want to create in society. Ina vlog, they also create stories where they demonstrate their relatable side. With the subtle mention of products in such vlogs, they provide a platform for showcasing the product and its utility to the businesses. An impact of a story running right in front of the eyes and easily accessible time and again is way deeper than the one tried to achieve by the billboards.
  3. Live Chats: Influencers can conduct live chat sessions with their fans. The audience gets to interact in real-time, which makes this session quite exciting. People coming up with their experiences or influencers addressing the issues live to allow businesses to utilize this platform for solving queries and disputes the fastest. A brand’s credibility gets an incredible boost when they are talked about real people in real scenarios, which translates quite impressively in more numbers.
  4. User-generated content: Influencers can start interactive programs like ‘share your experience’, ‘post your video’, ‘share your pictures’, etc. where the users demonstrate how they used any beauty product. Since the users are not some fancy celebrity but the common, more relatable people, it brings better attention and more credibility to the beauty products.
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Promotion of products through content that celebrates beauty

Beauty is a thing of celebration. It is a sign of womanhood. The influencers can create positive vibes around the product by posting the pictures and videos that have a feel-good factor.

 Beauty is not the first and the final enabler of happiness but does play an important role in making women feel confident. But giving importance to only physical beauty is not the right way to promote a beauty product. Influencers understand this well and shed more light on the other ingrained virtues that are way above the tone of the skin or the body type.

Instead of creating the standards that are impossible to achieve (that happens when any celebrity or macro-influencer like Kylie Jenner is assigned the promotion task), the businesses can focus on showing people how to feel good in their own skin using the products within their reach. This much talked about relatability of the product becomes easier to achieve when the stories talk about success achieved through various other virtues, with beauty product coming into picture in a very subtle tone. Influencer content is composed of all these elements and help the businesses build a reputable brand value.

Problems with influencer marketing in beauty products niche

Influencers discuss various types of beauty problems like acne, chipped nails, chapped lips, or hair fall, and others, which are common with every individual. They have to be extra careful with the quality and result of the products they choose to promote through discussions. Since beauty product is something that shows impact directly on the user, it can backlash badly when the influencers are not testing them before promoting. Thus, before entrusting the success entirely on the shoulders of influencers, the businesses should ensure the quality and safety of the products.

They can address these problems by:

  1. Mentioning the correct people for whom the product is made
  2. Ensuring clear communication about the shelf-life of the product
  3. Telling about the limitations of the product
  4. Showing the correct use of the product

So, influencer marketing does a great job of promoting beauty products. However, the businesses need to do homework thoroughly first so as to turn the best benefits of the influencers like credibility and relatability in their favor.


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