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How to Modify the Look of your Boring Office Interior


The first image that pops up in anyone’s mind while thinking of office is something similar to big light-coloured rooms, typical brown desks with desktops, black chairs and bundles of files lying here and there. If your office also looks something like that; then, it’s high time to change the interiors.

Most of the offices stick to similar plain interiors without thinking about its effect on the employees. However, it became very evident through recent studies that office interiors highly affect the mindset and mood of staff members. Also Check Home Decor

So, your office interiors should be welcoming, lively and cool. Don’t worry if you haven’t thought about it earlier. Yes, you can still modify your boring typical office into a super cool workspace without much hustle! Let’s know more about it:

Organise Everything in a New Style:

The way of organising various things in your office can change the entire look. Organising things differently is the first step to modify the interiors of your office. You can try innovative ideas to store important files, documents and other necessary office items. Some unique ways are:

  • Go with hanging wooden shelves instead of boring cupboards. These shelves are available in many colours and designs at the office furniture manufacturer.
  • Remove those old mugs that are used to hold the pens and other stationery items at employees’ desk. Use the creative pen holders for this purpose. You can get pen holders and other table accessories from online selling websites at affordable prices.
  • Don’t place the stack of files on corners or empty spaces. Due to this, the office looks cluttered no matter how much arranged these files are. Place them in colourful wooden boxes or cardboard boxes to make it look better.

Ask your employees for more innovative ideas to organise office items. If youwill imply their ideas then, they will feel more attached to the office.

Add Handmade Unique Items:

Adding handmade products in your office will give it a unique charm. Now you must be thinking that why not decorate it with readymade products available in the market? Well, there are two reasons for it. Firstly, handmade products will express your brand’s identity in a better way as they will be designed under your supervision or by your own employees. Secondly, it is a pocket-friendly option.

You can create beautiful photo frames, pen holders, small suggestion boxes, chalk calendars for noting schedule and other important office items as per your requirement. If you are not good at art then, you can get ideas from YouTube and DIY channels on social media platforms. You won’t see such products in many offices so; your office will surely stand out of the crowd with this idea.

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Illuminate the Office with Bright Colourful Lights:

Some people think that the only purpose of lights is to provide accurate brightness. Considering this, you will find most of the offices having boring white ceiling lights. Isn’t it true with your workspace also? If yes, then you need to alter your thoughts as well as the lighting.

Your entire office interiors will look cool with some changes in the lighting system. You can go with colourful lights or decorate some areas with fairy lights to make your office stylish. Try it in the areas where employees chill during lunch break or meet for brainstorming sessions.

Adding colourful lights in every area will affect the eyesight and make your office look like a party club so; avoid doing that. Go for normal white lighting especially above the workstations of employees. In other areas, you can experiment with various trending lights to get a stylish look.

Let your Office Walls Express the Brand’s Agenda:

The receptionist at most offices hand over a brochure or any other document related to the brand’s aim/work to any guest. Maybe it is also followed in your brand. But, how many of them read it properly or remember it after reading? Then, why not change this boring practice into something more amusing.

We are sure about one thing that the visitor or newcomers check out office interiors before checking that brochure. You can take advantage of this by decorating your blank boring office walls with wall art. Choose the designs that perfectly convey your brand’s message and express its objectives.

These art pieces will not only give your message in a better way but, also make your office interiors quite cool. Colourful and picturesque walls will also boost employees’ productivity. You can give wall messages, interesting quotes, the tagline of your brand and some pictures or diagrams to the painter while painting the walls.

Add Books for Recreational Purposes:

Maybe you are not fond of a big library but, books can add a new vigour into your office space. Spare some space to put a bookshelf in the office. Try to add it near the reception or waiting area where your visitors often wait before meetings or interviews. You can purchase the bookshelf as per your choice from office furniture manufacturers. They make furniture even on personalised demands. So, you can go with any design.

Now, you must be thinking of buying books related to your business. If yes, then ditch that idea right away. Come on; no one would love to read work-related books by taking a break from the same work. As you are trying to make your office interesting so; buy books from different genres and authors. Add even some humorous books.

There is a wide variety of fictional and non-fictional books available in the market. Either take suggestions from the team members about their favourite books or choose as per your interests. This collection of books will ease away the tension or stress of employees and help the visitors in spending leisure time while waiting.

Just like we change our home interiors from time to time, similarly, we should keep updating our office interiors. A new atmosphere can bring new vitality to our lives!



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