Period Control: Are Pads Better Than Tampons?

Period Control: Are Pads Better Than Tampons

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Despite the growing innovation within the feminine hygiene industry, where we have been looking at new items such as reusable cups, period-proof underwear, and washable pads, the constant showdown between pads and tampons has yet to come to an end. Since their introductions, both of these products have been in constant war with each other, to finally come to a conclusion to tell exactly which one out of these two is the best feminine hygiene product to use to deal with all our menstruation needs. 

Many people have stated that they are more comfortable with the idea of using a pad. However, tampons are starting to take over their audience’s approval and go toe to toe with pads in modern times.

With so many products entering the industry, it can be hard to keep track of which product works a certain way to change the way we manage our vaginal care. So let’s familiarize ourselves with these two products of our discussion today.


Pads are sanitary napkins that are made out of an absorbent material which are either polymer-based or cotton. They are designed to stick in a way to your underwear and come in various shapes and sizes depending on the flow of your heavy or light periods.

It is best to check your pad after every three to four hours to gauge out the level of your menstrual flow and how many times you would need to change it in a day.

Some of its best features include being much better for use when you have heavy periods as it is much easier to change pads multiple times a day than changing a tampon. They are also easier to use, and you can wear them overnight without worrying about changing them. Unlike with tampons, you only need to take a quick peek at your pad to tell whether if it’s full or not.

On the other hand, they are less discreet, meaning you can visibly see it under a certain clothing type, so if you prefer non-visible options, use a tampon. Moreover, pads are more likely to move around, so you will need to keep them constantly in check.


Tampons are cylindrical cotton tubes that are inserted inside the vagina via your hands or an applicator. Once inside, they absorb the blood and are then pulled out when they get full.

Probably the biggest advantage that tampons have over pads is the size. Since they are small and portable, you can easily slip them in your pockets or purse. They are also one of the few hygiene products you can actually swim with.

However, some of its drawbacks include being harder to insert inside even with an applicator’s help. Moreover, they may also irritate your vagina by drying it out, so it is recommended not to use it overnight.

In conclusion, both of them have their share of benefits and flaws- which is why many companies such as ALL ABOUT HER are some of the few famous places that are utilizing both of their features.

Founded by Errol and Michelle Benjamin, ALL ABOUT HER is an e-commerce company that sells feminine hygiene products. One of the most interesting things about them is that they are one of the very few hygienic-based companies that have quickly expanded due to their unique range of products that are often not found on the global market.

Through their services, ALL ABOUT HER provides their clients with a variety of high-quality products such as sanitary napkins, tampons, certain types of herbal teas and lotions, and a wide selection of scented candles that are efficiently delivered at your doorsteps.


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