The Beatles and their Impact on Heavy Metal Music


It probably all started in Africa, the repetitive sound of a drum, the modulated cries of hominids and their primitive rhythms. Many slaves came to America bringing their religion and customs. African-Americans developed rhythm and blues, the English not only adapted it, but improved it: this was called rock and roll in the 1950s. A decade later it evolved when four men from Liverpool dared to write their own material, the explosion creator of all was unleashed.

If you list the best songs of the Beatles, many of them do not make sense, your parents, and grandparents, each of us – even if you ignore it – we all have our “Beatle story”. Mine includes, when I was seven years old, a striped vinyl of Yellow Submarine in frisbee quality, with the torn cover of which we only heard the title track.

However, you have to understand that these guys were not just limited to rock and roll or a mixture of pop music. Instead, the Beatles inspired heavy metal as well. MX The American, a band that has been making the waves since 1982 and have been quite consistent in their production, know a thing or two about this.

Almost all of the members grew up listening to the Beatles in their time, and there’s hardly any doubt that the Beatles influenced some of their music. MX The American is currently releasing their nineth studio album, and have made quite a name for themselves. They sell their music online, and you can even buy discs of their music. However, MX The American is not the only band that got influenced by other bands. Here’s how the Beatles affected other popular metal singers and bands.

The Beatles and power metal

Helloween – “Something” Like Metallica, Helloween are masters of turning other artists’ songs into their own, the melancholic song is enhanced by the surprising voice of Andi Deris.

The Beatles and thrash metal

Coroner – “I Want You (She’s so heavy)” . For starters, Coroner doesn’t play ordinary thrash metal (check out our article ) it’s like saying that The Beatles play rock, yes, and much more. One of the weirdest Beatles songs gets a huge reinvention by Coroner’s insane Swiss. The slow pace along with the shattering finale can go on for eternity like Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” or The Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

The Beatles and punk, dub and reggae

Bad Brains – “Day Tripper.” Innovative, underrated Bad Brains have mixed these three influences since the 70s, adding the secret ingredient to a timeless classic. Get ready to fly.

The Beatles and pop

Cheap Trick – “Magical Mystery tour” – The vocal melody is second to none, the name Cheap Trick demands respect in the annals of history. Pop genius. In fact, Cheap Trick, then they recorded the entire Sergeant Pepper live. Search it.

The Beatles and grunge

Nirvana – “And I love her” – Nirvana was considered the Cheap Trick of the 90s. And if you think that The Beatles is not in Nirvana’s DNA, you are wrong.

The Beatles and doom metal

Type O Negative – “Day Tripper (medley)” Relevant clarification, like Coroner, Type O Negative is a unique band, impossible to classify, the sarcastic wretches of Brooklyn combine three great songs with a result that does not sound like anything other than themselves.


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