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Surviving Winter When You Work from Home

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This year, more people than ever before have been working from home. Lockdowns, self-isolation, and the spread of coronavirus have meant that we’ve all been forced to find alternative ways to do things, work included. For many who had never worked at home before, this brought challenges and there’s certainly been a period of adjustment. But, we’re now quickly learning that working from home in the winter isn’t quite the same as working from home in the summer.

In the summer, even in lockdown you could work out in the garden, go for a walk on your lunch break, and enjoy the sunshine through an open window. Everything seems better in the summer months, even work. Now, it’s cold and dark, it’s hard to focus when you can’t keep warm, your fingers might take an hour in the morning to warm up ready to type and your heating bills might be taking a big hit. If the idea of a long winter in your home office is currently unbearable, here are some great tips to help you survive.

Keep Your Home Warm

There are many reasons why your home might not be as warm as it should be. You might need to look at boiler installers near me if your boiler is old, not working particularly well, and ready for an upgrade. You might also need to bleed radiators and check the settings on your thermostat. If you are using a smart thermostat with a schedule, make sure it’s been adjusted if you are home a lot more than you were last year.

It’s also a good idea to look at efficiency, to make sure you aren’t spending more than you need to on energy. Close your office door while you are working to trap in warm air, check and repair window seals, and use draught excluders to keep cool air out. If you are still working when the sun goes down, make sure you close the curtains, to keep the warm air you’ve spent the day building up, inside.

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Keep Moving

It’s hard to stay warm when you are sat at a desk for hours at a time, even with the heating on. Try to get up and stretch regularly. Even walking to get another coffee will help, but if you need a quick boost, running on the spot or stamping your feet can get your blood pumping.

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Take Regular Breaks

In the winter, you need breaks more than ever. It might be tempting to work through to try to get finished faster, but this often means that your productivity levels are lower, and you don’t focus as well. Take regular breaks, grab healthy snacks, and try to get outdoors for a short walk when you need an energy boost.

Go Easy on Yourself

In general, you should try to stick to good habits, working at your desk, limiting caffeine, exercising, and eating healthy snacks. But, in winter we all need more treats and comfort. Go easy on yourself and take some comfort from an extra chocolate cookie when you need to.

Remember, what works in the summer might not in the winter. You might need extra self-care, and you may need to make adjustments and that’s ok.



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