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Things to Know Before You Rent a House in Pune

Things to Know Before You Rent a House in Pune

It might be intimidating to relocate to a new city. Nonetheless, it is inevitable for many Indian students and professionals, particularly millennials. Once you’ve decided to relocate, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a place to live. According to the Economic Survey 2017-18, 28% of city inhabitants in India live in leased housing.

Locating a place to rent in London isn’t always as simple as finding a place you like, moving in. And paying the rent of a house in Pune on a monthly basis. There are ten things you should know before starting your search for a 2 bhk flat on rent in pune.

Why do people prefer renting a home in Pune?

Pune is like a miniature version of Mumbai, albeit less congested and filthier, thanks to its youthful and vibrant population. Pune, also known as Maharashtra’s cultural capital, has a long history of culture and tradition. With a strong connection to literature, music, and theatre. Despite the city’s original language being Marathi, inhabitants also speak Hindi and English.

Quick idea to consider when looking for a house on rent

The rental sector is thriving because city property costs are so high that the ‘buy’ alternative is out of reach for the typical individual.

When a landlord contemplates renting out his or her flat, he or she must consider a number of factors. Including the amount of rent to be charged, document verification, police verification, security deposit, agreement registrations, and tenant background checks, to mention a few.

Late rent payments, property abuse, unwillingness to vacate the property. And failing to pay maintenance fees on time are just a few of the problems that landlords may encounter after handing over the property to tenants.

Look around the apartment

Make sure you thoroughly inspect your flats for rent in Pune before packing your possessions and loading the vehicle. Take an apartment tour with the landlord or owner if you get the chance to check if there are any flaws or niggles that need to be fixed. Yes, the dripping faucet is included.

Mode of travelling

Unlike Mumbai’s BEST buses and the convenience of the connecting train line, Pune has just one local railway system that runs from Pune station to Lonavala. Pune, on the other hand, has good road and expressway links. Construction on a metro and monorail system is presently underway and is expected to be finished by 2022. There are several choices, including the PMPML and BRTS bus systems, as well as three-wheeled rickshaws.

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Area and location

In the city, which ranges from a retiree’s paradise to a busy metropolis, apartments, gated communities, 1bhk home for rent in Pune, and townships abound. Pune is a calmer, slower-paced, and less crowded metropolis than Mumbai, its elder twin. It was also ranked #1 in terms of liveability in the Ease of Living Index (2018).

Pune is also known for being a relatively safe city with a low crime rate. Finding a location that is convenient to both your workplace and the rest of the city is desirable.

Convenience shops and other similar establishments

It’s a good idea to acquire a sense of your surroundings by checking for convenience stores and notable landmarks near your potential stay. Pune has a wealth of malls and retail complexes that will satisfy all of your needs while also being less costly, safer, and larger.

Leisure and recreational activities

Pune is a rainbow of colors, offering something for everyone around every turn. There is a lot to do in Pune because of its accessibility and simplicity of living in such a famous place. Pune’s breath-taking panoramas will take your breath away, from old monuments like the ShivneriFort to road trips to Lonavala.

In Pune, how much does it cost to rent a home?

When relocating, the cost of renting a property is an important factor to consider, as it will set the tone for your whole spending and budget. The cost of living in Pune is typically cheap, food is inexpensive, and intercity transportation is also affordable. It’s ideal to choose a location that’s close to your workplace to save time and money. You won’t have to work too hard to find single rooms on rent in Pune, is still simpler to come by than in Mumbai.

Is it better to rent a furnished or an unfurnished property?

Let us take a wild guess. A furnished home is an obvious yes, whereas an unfurnished home is an obvious no. While moving into a fully furnished home is quicker and more convenient, it comes with a financial commitment and a hefty rental rate that can burn a hole in your wallet. Even while Pune isn’t as busy or as expensive as Mumbai, finding a fully furnished apartment that meets all of your needs may be challenging. The most exciting portion is still to come!



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