The Best Video Games to Learn To Program Online For Free


Video games to learn to program online for free are one of the best alternatives that exist today to immerse yourself in the useful and addictive universe of the code while you have a great time. We give you some ideas!

If you dive for the current job offers, you will see that one of the most demanded profiles is the programmer. Programming has become one of the most demanded by companies, is already taught in schools and is also an exciting discipline that with a little patience, time and self-taught spirit can learn on your own, and without spending not a euro !, thanks to the free online resources to program that swarm on the network.

If on other occasions we have told you which the best programming languages are​for beginners, the best platforms to learn to deal with the code or the MOOCs and free online courses to learn programming, today it is the turn of an even more fun resource: the format of the video game. By playing you can have a great time and start having contact with the code through Scratch, Arduino, Javascript or Phyton.

Learning to code helps you to train your memory and improve your concentration, which is why there are already countries like Estonia that include classes of programming languages ​​within primary education for children. However, it is never too late to learn code, and people of all ages can dare to program both for leisure and learning and to acquire a new professional competence for the digital world in which we live.

We collect which are the best video games of the moment to start programming.

The best online video games to learn programming

Ruby Warrior: Its protagonist is a warrior with arcade aesthetics who will have to face numerous challenges and enemies, in order to get the precious ruby ​​that is at the top of a tower guarded by monsters and dragons, as in the typical medieval tales of the rescue the princess. To guide your knight for each level you should familiarize yourself with the Ruby commands.

Codecombat: Thanks to it you will learn to program Javascript and Python, according to what you prefer. Colorful and funny, he proposes to put you in the skin of a magician who captains an army of soldiers responsible for fighting the dark side of magic. The key is that the spells are programming scripts, while many puzzles and challenges will require you to use controls with which you will learn to implement algorithms. It is the ideal video game to learn the basics of programming.

Flappy Bird: The innocent bird that you see in the image below is the famous Flappy Bird. gives you the opportunity to implement your own bird for free and without the need to know how to program. The purpose of the platform is to teach you how to program from scratch by creating a video game, giving as an example this simple (and deranging) arcade aesthetic game in which the bird cannot touch any of the obstacles. In this popular platform to democratize for all interested children the subject of Computer Science allows all those interested to learn how to manage the programming logic by dragging and dropping blocks of action with famous characters from cartoons. It is available in numerous languages ​​and contains a lot of tutorials.

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Code Monkey: This fun and educational online game allows students to learn to write code in a real programming language, without the need for previous experience. Through CodeMonkey’s Teacher Kit, teachers can easily teach the basics of computing and using CoffeeScript, students learn to code and then build their own HTML5 games. In the game, a monkey collects bananas to save the world.

Robocode: It is one of the most recommended videogames to learn Java. To this game, personally, I have given him more hours than I would like to confess. Here we will have to program a tank to compete against other tanks, and thus raise ourselves with the victory title. Logically, the one that has better programmed his tank is the one that better is prepared for the battle. You have to be alert, strategies that work against some enemies; do not work in the same way with others, so you’ll have to be changing the implementation of your tank continuously. Fact that makes the practice improves with the Java language.

Terrarium: If what you are interested in is learning to program in .NET, .NET Terrarium is your game. It is worth having some years, but that does not mean that they do not release updates from time to time. The objective of this game is to create an ecosystem, with its plants, its hervíbora creatures and its predators so that everything works in a balanced way. As programmers, we can edit many parameters of our creations, such as speed, attack power, defense or reproductive capacity. Once created, we will release them inside a terrarium where they must interact with other creatures, whether they are ours or those of other developers.

The Schema Verse: In this fun space game you must use SQl commands to advance and conquer the world. It is a fun experience of strategy in a space implemented in its entirety within a PostgreSQL database. You can compete against other players and have a great time learning code.

Cee Bot: This entertaining video game is essential for you to learn basic novices present in the most famous languages, such as C ++, C # or Java. After the initiation to the basic commands, the exercises will increase the difficulty; you will be able to practice with multiple variables and manage using algorithms to move forward.

Check Io: If you want to learn how to program in Python and Javascript, this online game is an excellent alternative, as enjoyable as it is fun and modern. To unlock the various levels you must solve challenges through a complete online editor. The objective is to build a spaceship and conquer others, for which you will progressively learn programming notions.

Codingame: The French startup of the same name has promoted this great video game platform to learn to program free, modern and dynamic, which allows children and adults to learn to program in more than 25 different languages ​​-C, C #, Groovy, Haskell, Java , Javascript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Python3, VB. Net and many more. Depending on the degree to which you are an expert, you can choose the level of difficulty.


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