5 Programming Languages That You Should Not Learn In 2019


If you want to study a programming language in 2019 you should evaluate other factors such as its popularity, the use you want to give it, job opportunities and more or less difficulty.

There are dozens of programming languages, some more popular than others, but a number of them are not worth it or that you study them for different reasons. It should be noted that learning a programming language has to do with the desire and knowledge of each person, and some can be more difficult or simple depending on the programming culture that each professional has c programs with solutions.

In any case, based on several factors such as popularity, the labor market, demand and the generalized opinion, we inform you about a series of programming languages that are not worth studying, although that does not mean that you are never going to give a chance.

5 Programming Languages that are not worth studying in 2019

In this list we do not let you know the worst programming languages of 2019, but five of those that we believe are losing the support of the community and that could have fewer long-term job opportunities.


We are talking about a programming language for web development that is designed and designed to improve the readability of JavaScript. While it may be interesting, it does not have an excessive commitment from the community and the growth it is experiencing in recent times is deficient. This means that although you can study without any problem, it seems that you have not secured much future.


It is a web development programming language based on JavaScript, and this time it is designed to facilitate the development of web applications that are so popular today. Although it may seem valid, it is not exactly one of the recommended languages on the Internet, and it does not have much support from the community that is seeing a considerable drop in its use.


One of the classic programming languages that is being punished by the change of trend and new technologies. This programming language was born almost three decades ago and is designed to create telephony applications. While it is capable of creating scalable applications and supporting the routing of large-scale telephone calls, the use of this technology in the present does not bode well for a great future.

While you still have good job opportunities, if you are looking for a long-term programming language, this may not be your best option.


It may not sound like you, but it is a programming language for quick scripts that is used for the development of games and applications. Thanks to this language we can do many things based on objects, data or procedures.

While it does not seem to have anything negative, currently if you want to earn a living with this programming language you will have it very complicated given that there is hardly any demand for employment. You can always take a risk to study it, but since time is money, you will always have better options.


Although you wonder what this programming language does in this list, everything has an explanation. As you well know, this language is used for systems administrator jobs, network programming or web server script.

Although years ago this programming language was quite popular with a high demand for employment (and very well paid), it is currently in decline. It still remains among the Top 20 of the most studied and demanded programming languages, but there is a considerable loss of interest on the part of the professional community. The growth has stagnated, and perhaps the train has already been lost to learn this programming language.

In this way, we can conclude that these are the programming languages that are not worth studying in 2019, although the user will always have the last decision to make a living with any of them.


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