Tips to Yield More with Work from Home


Technology is indeed a blessing because it has allowed people to bridge time and distance. With the right work from home equipment, you can telecommute and save on gas, the effort of commuting, time on the road, and work clothes and makeup budget. However, when you work from home in your jammies, it makes it very tempting to lay down back in your bed.

Just like any other endeavor, remote work has its pitfalls because you can face distractions, feel unmotivated, or struggle to adapt to a new environment and schedule. Consider these tips below to help you keep an excellent work rhythm and boost your productivity even when you’re working at home.

Assess Your Peak and Best Working Hours

Most work-from-home jobs don’t have a rigid schedule. It offers the flexibility of working anytime you want, just as long as you get your responsibilities done. With this kind of scenario, identify your best working hours, where you are at your peak. This is different for everyone because some work best in the morning, others post-lunch, while some are creatures of the night.

You can schedule the most crucial tasks during your best hours so you can gain better momentum and optimise your performance. Even if you have to follow some form of schedule, observing your personal rhythm will help you manage your low performing hours, allowing you to accomplish more goals.

Establish Your Working Area or Home Office

You need to identify your home’s work area to show that you mean business. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one-room office if you don’t have the extra space. Even setting up a designated corner in the living room that’s equipped with the proper work from home equipment will do wonders for your performance.

You can also place a divider if you have a studio apartment. If you are just sprawled on the sofa or your bed with your laptop, it will be very easy to give in to temptation. You might doze off and neglect your responsibilities. Your home workspace allows you to compartmentalize. This sends a sign to the people in your home that you are busy so that they won’t disturb you.

Groom Yourself and Dress Well

It is easier to skip taking a shower and work wearing your nightclothes. However, this is a very dangerous habit as it makes you feel extra lazy. It is better to have a morning ritual to help you establish a routine. You will feel refreshed after taking a shower, so you’re more prepared to face another busy workday. Make it a habit to don presentable clothes with groomed hair and a clean face even if you don’t have to face your colleagues face-to-face. This way, if someone buzzes you for a quick Zoom call, you have your game face one, and you’re pumped to crush those goals.

Treat Yourself Right by Taking Breaks

If you just stay in the same spot for several hours, this will make you feel drained and stressed. Staying in one place is counterproductive because you strain your eyes, neck, back, and shoulders. It is better to take a mini-break every hour. It doesn’t have to be a fancy tea setup, but something as simple as walking around the room or stretching will work wonders. Stopping to “smell the roses” is smart because it will allow you to perform better. Every person feels more energised after a quick rest.

Final Word

Technology is definitely a complete game-changer that has paved the way for people to work from home. Although this remote setup has its pitfalls, there are so many more benefits. In this time of crisis, because of the pandemic, being able to transition to a telecommuting scenario is a huge blessing. To help you succeed, you need the proper mindset. Setting up a good working space with the right equipment will also help you avoid distractions and allow you to continually deliver exemplary work results.


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