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Want To Win Your Customers With An E-Commerce Mobile App? Add These 5 Features Now


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It’s 2019! The era that is app-centered, tech-focused, and driven by the Internet completely.

In this era, it’s impossible to scale your digital presence without an app – especially when its ecommerce.

Ecommerce is an instant business.

First click and your product is added to the cart.

Second click – you reach the mode of payment.

Third click and the product is ready to reach your location.

In between instant clicks and responses, there’s no room for errors, waiting time and blunders.

If you’re best then you are in the game or else customers will bid Adieu to you.

So, you must know these top five features of the ecommerce app that engage your customers.

1. Personalization

What are the top challenges faced by marketers in the ecommerce industry?

It’s finding the potential customers and drawing their attention to your app. 

But do you know personalization can solve this problem?

Let me tell you how?

When a user downloads your app and registers his profile, it becomes easy to collect their data. 

Whenever they shop on your app, they will create their history.

And based on their history you can create enticing offers that cater to their interest.

It not only helps in creating offers but also enhances the quality of your app. For example, while shopping if a user came across poor navigation or scrolling, then he might leave you a note about it.

Considering this, you can immediately take action and resolve his complaint.

And the best part is that you can leverage technologies like Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence to learn customer behaviors and patterns. 

This is the secret weapon to make your app prevailing under your customer’s attention.

2. Lucidity

When it comes to the development of ecommerce mobile app, brands try to go clunky by adding too many features to impress users.But it acts opposite.

When users find it arduous to shop their desired product, they become frustrated and leave your app.

It’s important that you should only focus on creating a simple and clean mobile app that directs users to the product they want to purchase.

Also if your app has a lot of glitches and crashes then is important to test it several times before you make the final release. 

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and think like them while you test your app.

It will help to mold your app according to their experiences. You can also take help from any professional mobile app development company to perfect your app.

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3. Rewards

When you have a mobile app in addition to a physical store then you should create strategies that make them compliment each other.

Rewards, Offers, and Discounts click your consumer’s mind and beef you up in the competition.

Like some ecommerce apps reward points on the app whenever customers make a purchase. And depending on the total points they get the discount offer.

Some app marketers also give a discount to the new sign-ups.

With your ecommerce app, you can also send push notifications to your customers when you run flash sales.

4. Extensive Details & Quality Images

Satisfaction is important when you’re buying products online. That’s why customers click on your product twice, read till the end and dig customer’s review to know about it.

If you collate these three points on your app, it’s going to become a massive hit. Mark my words!

So, with every product write a detailed description about it: What is it? How does it work? What are its benefits?

The more you elaborate, the easier it will become for the customer to make the decision. Especially when the product is new to them. 

And reviews under the product acts like a cherry on the cake.

Let me explain to you more with an example:

A customer comes to your app to buy a Laptop. But the skepticism in his mind is resisting to make the purchase.

So, first, he clicks on the laptop images and if the images are clear, he’ll make 30% of his mind there.

But he’s not completely sure about it, so he’ll go for the description about the product: features, functionalities, and performance. If he feels content with the description then it will make 70% of his mind.

After that, when he’ll read the customer reviews and know that it had benefited the customers, he’ll make the decision to purchase.

No matter if you include the description in a brochure design or a text format, it will encourage customer and hasten their decision-making process.

5.  24/7 Customer Support

Regardless of your app performance, you’ll still have some customers who will be looking for your assistance.

It’s a good sign that shows your app is up and running. But you have to deal with that.

So, instead of letting them go on Google or other mediums, give a transparent mode of communication on your app.

It depends if you want to do it with a live chat, email support, or phone.

But take up their queries and work on them.

Staying on top of customer queries will help to boost your app revenue and enhance your customer support.

In summary, there are millions of ecommerce apps in the market. If you give customers the reasons to ditch your app, your competitors are ready to take your place.

Once you have created your ecommerce app, don’t sit back and wait for the revenue. Work to enhance its features.

Adding the five features mentioned above won’t only make your app irresistible but also increase the word of mouth advertising.

I hope you’re now ready to make your app prolific than your competitors.



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