7 Instagram Profiles to Follow for Cosmetic Packaging


Cosmetic packaging refers to a term that reflects cosmetic container, boxes, and packs usually used for packing cosmetics. These products may include any substance that helps to improve and enhance a person’s appearance it includes beauty products, makeup, cleansing products, fragrances, and many more. Retailers and manufacturers of such items have to follow the standardized norms of packing cosmetics that are set by international organizations and varies from region to region. As we know a crucial function of packaging is to protect a product during transportation, storage and to improve its shelf life. Nature of an item and its packaging are interconnected, manufacturer customizes it according to requirement and to fulfill customers expectation.

The cosmetic industry is a fast-growing industry with respect to trends, modifications, and improvements. Around the world, there are multiple companies working to provide an effective and efficient packaging solution to the cosmetic industry. When we talk about makeup items or the way to wrap them both play an essential role. An impressive outlook can make a product more expensive and desirable, or it helps to display it in a better way for advertisement and promotion. Customers are demanding eco-friendly, attractive, and reusable packing and that boost the demand for cosmetic packaging wholesale.

Features of an Attractive Cosmetic Box

We are living in a business-oriented culture where technology hits almost every industry. If we talk about the cosmetic industry, customers are demanding continuous improvement and modification in respect to product quality, features, or its packaging. The primary purpose of a pack is to save items from environmental threats and to improve its outlook that attracts its target audience. But now it is not just for safety, and packaging plays a vital role in advertisement and marketing of a particular item or a brand. Cosmetics quality is an essential factor for its promotion, but its makeup packaging boxes also plays a vital role to inspire the potential market.

Here are some essential features that should be in a cosmetic box to attract consumers:

Protective in Nature – it is important for a makeup or lipstick pack that it should be protective in nature. A well designed package increases shelf life and saves the product from heat, moisture, or damage.

Proper Labeling – the label is something that helps to communicate with consumers. For beauty items, it should be informative in a manner that tells a customer how to use an article, what are its key ingredients and for which skin type it is designed.

List of Ingredients – it is necessary to mention all ingredients in detail. So it is easy to understand for customers to choose their desired one.

Attractive Color Scheme – colors matter a lot in packing, for beauty items they play a vital role. An attractive color scheme not only communicates a brand’s image but also gives an eye-catching inspirational impression.     

Beauty Products and Social Media Advertisement

We are living in a modern world of technology, advertisement, and communication; here nobody can imagine his or her life without social media. Companies and brand are utilizing the social sites to promote their services and products. It provides them direct access to their potential market, and by engaging influencers, it can make a remarkable difference. Many beauty items manufacturers are using Instagram and other social sites to deliver an inspiring product impression directly to their target audience.         

According to statistics, it is recorded that almost 90% of beauty brands are focusing on social media to advertise their items. Most importantly, the use of an Instagram account for this purpose is reportedly high as compared to any other source. Through this strategy, it is quite easy to display product, specification, and layout. By demonstrating or through tutorials a brand can deliver a real-time experience to its consumer. On Instagram, brands have an opportunity to showcase real-time product and its packaging that gives a digital exposure to a customer that how it looks like.

Profiles You Need To Follow For Cosmetic Packaging

Instagram is an impressive and attractive place for you, especially if you are a beauty brand seeker. Here you can find out about the latest trends, products, makeup techniques, and features of the latest cosmetic items. If you are a beauty and fashion freak then definitely this will not be good for your wallet health. Cosmetic brands will hypnotize you with latest striking and gorgeous beauty packs, and you will not be able to resist against it.

Here are the most striking and remarkable Instagram profiles in this regard:

1. Gisou

Gisou is an innovative and interactive beauty brand that is popular on Instagram due to its product uniqueness and value-added services. According to influencers, it is a pioneer in hair and care industry with its incredible honey bee-based hair treatment.

2. MAC

MAC is famous and top trending on Instagram due to its bold and vibrant colors and looks. The brand promotes a community of makeup artist and holds makeup challenges to engage its market and provide an opportunity to beauty freaks to learn more about the latest trends and makeup techniques.

3. Glossier

Glossier always pays extra attention to make attractive and creative posts and tries to engage its potential customers by engaging them in different activities. Glossier enforce their brand with creative posts about latest products and shades.

4. NYX

NYX always encourages its followers with #crueltyfreebeauty; they showcase their product with beautiful images and makeup techniques to be in trend always.

5. Urban Decay

Urban decay comes up with makeup tutorials, tips, and videos about their product endorsements. They successfully imprint their impression by demonstrating viewers how to apply their beauty items.

6. Benefit

Benefit always encourages their Instagram followers in an interactive way. They expose their brand toward the audience by asking a question and making the conversation interactive.

7. Too Faced

Too faced interacts with followers through videos, teasers, and hash-tags to make their post attractive and interactive. Their every post is unique in its character and enforces target customers.  


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