Home Business Why should AMARCO be your top shop agency for exceptional marketing strategies?

Why should AMARCO be your top shop agency for exceptional marketing strategies?

AMARCO be your top shop agency for exceptional marketing strategies

Business leaders go to unprecedented lengths to make their business products or services the best in town. They up their business game by investing in stacks of cash and aiming for the leading brand in the consumer market. Business leaders put all their efforts, resources, and costs into the product or whatever is being sold.  

However, one common factor that business people often ignore is constructive marketing. The question arises of how they will sell their products when the potential customers are unaware of what the respective trade offers. Hence, marketing and branding is an excellent way of promoting your business and attracting customers. This will help maximize your profits and initiate a boom in your industry. 

Based in the United States, AMARCO, an acronym for American Marketing Company, is a phenomenal marketing agency that helps businesses and companies to execute constructive marketing. Founded by the rip-roaring entrepreneur Douglas L. Hauptman Jr, AMARCO develops innovative marketing solutions that combine best breed prints and digital solutions.

Their products and services are 100% “Made in the USA”, bought from American business owners. They also employ Americans to provide their services. AMARCO is on the cutting edge of the digital marketing world with our Green Ideas Now service. Many agencies specialize in print or digital, but AMARCO strongly believes in its mission to enrich businesses and organizations across the United States by specializing in both.

As a third-party agency, meaning there are three different parties involved, AMARCO is one of the only print and digital solutions companies of its kind. The three parties include; the sponsor, the advertiser, and the agency (AMARCO). The agency is accountable under contract to both the sponsor and the advertiser. They take all the risks at no cost to the sponsor.

The founder of AMARCO is a world-class personality who has founded numerous startup companies. He is also the CEO of another American marketing company, AtlantaWebsites.com. Both of these companies provide excellent marketing techniques and demeanors guaranteed to up your business game.

Douglas is also the managing member of Realty Venture Group LLC dba Mimosa Salon Suites which are leased to beauty professionals including hairstylists, estheticians, all-natural nail technicians, and massage therapists. Additionally, he is the managing director of Beauty Bar Med Spain Covington, GA. This business stemmed from one of his startup companies focusing on beauty. Further, he is the managing director of Beauty Restoration Spa, a full-service laser med spa. Douglas had a dream when he entered the beauty industry and his companies are proof that his business skills made that dream a reality. 

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His professional attributes extend to being the webmaster, server administrator, and internet marketing manager at Sportaid/Medaid division of SRG., Inc. They developed an eCommerce system with complex options in X-Cart and have fully integrated it into Georgia via GTM. They are currently improving efficiency by developing EDI processes. Sportaid is a great place to work! Moreover, Douglas is the founder of Newton County Learning, where they teach business students practical internet marketing skills to help them achieve success through innovation and technology.

Douglas is a focused entrepreneur who pays substantive heed to marketing and branding. Through thought analysis and strategic planning, he and his team have devised constructive marketing plans for businesses and companies to thrive and boom to an unparalleled level. He is helping young entrepreneurs to relish the pleasures of success by providing them with top-tier marketing techniques and tools. Doug’s business strategies have proven successful within his own life, but his desire to grow the entrepreneur community remains a focal point of his business ventures. 



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