The Pressing Concerns of Effective Education about Corrosion

Effective Education about Corrosion

Educational institutes have a primary duty to provide substantive knowledge and education to their students. Schools, colleges, universities, and institutes are houses of learning. Hence, they should be proactive in ensuring that their students’ right and constructive knowledge is being fed. As students are the world’s future, they should be well educated and acquire top-tier awareness and knowledge.

However, a prevailing predicament which encircles our society is the scarcity of knowledge amongst individuals. It should be noted that the knowledge referred to here is not about primary course education. The literacy about pressing environmental issues is being highlighted in this article. It would not be wrong to claim that regretfully educational institutes have failed to give importance to educating students about the drastic changes in the environment due to unreasonable human behavior.

One common problem of the environment prevailing at an unprecedented rate in today’s age and time is corrosion. However, a major problem then is the lack of awareness and knowledge about corrosion. The masses are unaware of what corrosion is and how it wrecks the ecology and environment, leaving it in complete shambles.

As a result, the first step is to start educating students from the primary level in high schools and educational institutes to stop this ailment. There is a dire need to educate about the extreme threats and effects of corrosion on the environment. Furthermore, the light should also be shed on its prevention. There is a need to discuss measures which should be adopted to brush aside this problem which is messing with the environment.

Based in Australia, Reza Javaherdashti is playing an essential role in raising substantive awareness regarding corrosion and its effects on the environment. The Australian expert in corrosion management and microbiologically influenced decline (MIC) actively works to preserve and save the environment from corrosion. He is one of the first in engineering who has taken steps to have made “Paradigm Change”.

Listed below is some of Reza’s notable work and contribution to the environment:

  • Sole author or co-author of 8 books on corrosion management and microbial corrosion published by internationally famous publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, CRC Press, Wiley.
  • Participated in numerous Root Cause analyses reports and research papers published in reputable journals and conferences
  • Has taught many engineers and professionals working in various industries about microbiological corrosion and advanced corrosion management
  • Recipient of the Best review paper prize by Australasian Corrosion Association (Whitby Award)-Australia, 2007.
  • Proposed for the first time topics such as Corrosion Knowledge Management (CKM), Nano biomining, applying mathematical modeling based on Fuzzy calculus to stress corrosion cracking of steels, and applying TRIZ to corrosion management and microbial corrosion to the international professional community.
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