6 Steps to Take TOEFL Test


Step 1: Creating a Profile

The First step of the registration is to create a TOEFL profile. You will use your TOEFL account to register, see the results and send your scores to the schools. Creating a TOEFL account is an easy task. It will require some basic information from you such as Email id, Contact details and home address. Make sure all the details are filled correctly. Your name should match your ID, which you will bring with you on the test day. The name cannot be changed once you have created the profile, so make sure you are filling it very carefully.

Step 2: TOEFL Registration

Once you are done creating your profile, it will be time to register for TOEFL exam. You will be sent to the registration page as soon as you create an account. You will be taken to the registration page every time you login.  Go to the left of the page, and click on the “Register for a Test”. Select “TOEFL Test” and then check the box, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Test.

Step 3: Choosing a Date and Test Centre

In the next step you are required to select the country you are willing to take the test in. subsequently, you will choose state and city for the same. The next step is to select the range of dates for 1 to 60 days, when the TOEFL Test will be available.

Once you enter the range, you will get the list of test centres around you which are available on those dates. There will also be test timings available. Each entry will show location, test centre, and the timings of the test.

Step 4: Identity Proof Details

Once you confirm the test date and timings at the test centre, you will be required to enter the identification proof details which you will bring to the test centre. Again the details should be filled correctly, and should match the details on the ID you will be bringing to the Test Centre.

Step 5: Schools to send scores

The next, and very important step is to choose the institutes and school you would like to receive your scores. Once the TOEFL scores are available, you can send the results to up to four institutes for free. To find institutes of your preference, search by school’s name, location and institution code.

Step 6: Payment

Once that is done, you will see the page for TOEFL Preparation materials. This is optional to purchase. If you select any items from the materials, it will add to the cost at the bottom. The TOEFL registration fees vary with the countries, and you should check it before the TOEFL registration. You will see application details, date, time and location of the test, and schools chosen for the double check.

After that, confirm the order, mode of payment and pay through it. The modes of payment are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and e-checks.


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