How to successfully launch a book in 2022

book launch

A successful launch is a massive factor in your book’s long-term success. Strong sales right out of the gate will get you on things like Amazon’s bestsellers list in your first week or the first month. This gives your book a lot to reach long-term. Of course, you need to set yourself up for success, but a successful book launch starts long before the book’s release date. If you are years away from your debut novel, there are things that you can start doing to prepare for that book launch right now. So in this blog, we will look up some ways to help you successfully launch a book.

There are things you can do when you are years away from your book launch, maybe when you are writing a book or before you even have a set release date.

Build a platform:

The first step is to start building a platform. No matter how early you are in your career, it is never too early. Your platform can take a long time to start gaining attention. So you might get started now. You can establish yourself on social media, specifically on Twitter and Instagram. You can make a page on Facebook or begin gaining followers either through a blog or a YouTube channel. Somewhere where you may gain more following and gather interest in your work. Patience is a virtue when it comes to building a platform, as it can be a time taking experience.

Connect with other writers:

There is no point in building a platform if you don’t use it to meet people and network. The connection you make with other writers through your platform is more valuable than the number of followers. You can find a critique partner or group of friends and support. Later down the line, the friends you make through the platform will be the people that will help you promote your book because cross-promotion using each other’s audiences is very valuable. These are the connections that you can start building now.   

Start building buzz:

Around six months before the book launch is when you should start building buzz. It might seem that the book launch is far away, but you want readers to be anticipating the book’s release just as much as you want. Start by sharing a small snippet of your cover, and then, after completing, you can do a full cover reveal. You can even share early reviews and fan art if you get any. Moreover, you can order commissioned artwork of your characters. Finally, you can share your little excerpts or snippets. It would help if you started sharing updates more frequently and consistently.

Set up author profiles:

Furthermore, you can set up your profiles on Good reads and Amazon. As Amazon is where most of the book sales take place, and Good reads is a review hub, they can be crucial to readers in discovering your book. But, people will not be interested in your book if it does not have a cover design or if it does not have a summary. No one is going to pre-order a book that does not have any details available. For this reason, set up your profile on the platforms with an author photo and author’s bio and introduction, and your book must have a cover and its description.

Start planning a launch party: 

Next, look into a large party such as Facebook for readers and book launches. You may come across bookstores in your area that host book launches. Try to find which independent book store does launches for local authors and contact them. You can also coordinate with other authors launching around the same time to co-launch a book with them. This can help promote your audiences.

Promote your launch:

Around the one-month mark, i.e., one month before launch, start promoting your launch party on social media, making a Facebook event, and gathering buzz. You may even ask a bookstore if they would be willing to create a poster for you. This would also be a great time to set up a giveaway. You can do a giveaway through Good reads or set up a pre-scale giveaway to encourage people to pre-order your book. Since this will contribute to your sales, giveaways are a great way to get pre-orders and people will buy Korean books.  

When you are near launching your book, continue to generate buzz on social media, planning different activities to engage people, revealing excerpts, or if still, you have not done a cover show, then go for it. This is the high time when you want as many people to know about your book. 

These are some ways to give you the success you have aimed for while launching a book. No matter how good your book is, you still have to properly plan and try some effective strategies before launching so that it can get the fame that you have desired after the launch and even before.


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