A ‘Feedback Bot,’ SalesHangry is Revolutionizing Marketing Game For Modern Business

Marketing Game For Modern Business

A ‘Feedback Bot,’ SalesHangry is taking the business world by storm, with its incredible power to engage customers. Yet, what is it all about, and how it works? To know this, we thought to ask the mastermind behind it directly.

Filip Boksa, the serial entrepreneur, started his entrepreneurial in 2013 when he was only 19. Launching an online platform to connect customers looking for a maid with maids, called ‘King of Maids’ in Chicago, Boksa officially stepped into the shoes of an entrepreneur. Later he launched, BookingKoala which was initially designed to support ‘King of Maids’ by scaling the service and enhancing its customer experience. The platform was later revamped to benefit other businesses by employing its feature and strategies. Currently serving as the CEO of Sassy Egg Inc., a marketing firm, Boksa has now come up with yet another ‘Holy Grail’ for businesses, ‘SalesHangry,’ a feedback bot.

Boksa explains that the idea behind the feedback bot was to prioritize customers and make them feel heard. “The feedback bot software, when incorporated in your website, would make users interact with other customers by enabling them to leave feedback, respond to other’s feedback or react to feedback using emojis,” he says. He further elucidates that there is a range of review bots already available in the market. “Yet, what makes feedback bot distinct, is that feedbacks are powerful than reviews. Feedback is more like leaving behind a positive story on your site, eventually keeping visitors engaged on the landing page for a longer span. Even though people can still leave a review, adding to your brand notoriety. The purpose of the feedback bot is to begin a conversation among your visitors or audience who utilize the same service so that your potential patrons can have a look at what it’s all about,” says Filip Boksa.

To enhance your user engagement with the ‘Feedback Bot,’ all you need to do is add the bot to your site. You can also set the bot to shake in order to grab the attention of the visitors. Additionally, you can either add the bot to all of the pages on your website or just the one you want more engagement on. In fact, you can place several bots on each page of the website, as per your preference.

“You can customize the bot usage according to the services of your website. For instance, if you companies are selling ten various sorts of product, you can then add different bots on those ten pages, to promote specific feedback and conversation, around specific product type. Likewise, businesses can also incorporate the source of the feedback or review. So suppose if you have 20 reviews on Yelp, five reviews on Google, and 12 on Facebook, you can place all of them onto one bot or all different bots and tag where it was left originally,” explains Filip Boksa.

Talking about the pricing, Boksa describes that the expense depends on the number of bots you require and the number of unique monthly visitors who visit your site. Every user counts as a unique visitor, no matter if the same user is revisiting the website the next day.

The prime concept behind engaging the users the moment they land on your website is to convert these potential buyers into actual buyers. “What social media marketing does is that it transfers the audience to your business’s site. Yet, there should be something on the website to keep them hanging and building their interest in your product. This is precisely where the bot comes into the picture, popping on the spot to make the visitor read all the feedbacks and indulge in them. The longer the visitors stay on your page, the longer they will remember your business when it comes the time to make a purchase,” says Filip Boksa.

In a simpler context, ‘Feedback Bot’ is working to step up the marketing game for businesses, all while empowering customers to make an informed buying decision.


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