How does Apple Watch affect Email Marketing campaigns?


One of the most outstanding innovations of 2015, in terms of the influence it exerts in Email Marketing, is the launch of Apple Watch. This device is presented as a unique opportunity for marketers as it is a way for consumers to anticipate their first interactions, even before accessing mobile devices.

The openings of apple email marketing on mobile devices have increased more than 180% in recent years, so it is clear that email is a great channel of communication both in regards to marketers and consumers. These interactions become even more personal and close with this new device. A device that forces email marketing professionals to adjust digital communications to a new way of accessing users.

The main objective of Apple Watch is not to offer a lot of textual information, but to offer more color, simplicity, graphics or even animations. The objective focuses on providing comfort to the user. Provide relevant information in the fastest and most concise way. For this same reason, Apple Email Marketing professionals will have to devise an email strategy that has these characteristics in mind.

When it comes to notifications, there are several options to display a richer amount of information for the user. Apple Watch includes “short-look” and “long-look” interfaces. What is the difference between them? The “short-look” interface is a non-scrolling screen that shows all the information at once. On the other hand, the “long-look” interface is a scrolling screen that allows you to scroll through the screen.

Vendors can provide a rewarding experience to the user by combining e-mail in sync with Apple Watch and creative notifications. For this device to be effective, it must be creative and eye-catching so that only the text has a positive impact on the consumer

However, there are some Apple Watch limitations that directly affect Email Marketing campaigns:

  1. Apple Watch has a plain text format, that is, text without images, style or hyperlinks (the opposite of HTLM)
  2. Links do not work in plain text messages, which means that Apple Watch does not give you the option to interact with the email, except for addresses and phone numbers (Addresses are opened in the Maps app and the phone number allows you to call from your iPhone)
  3. With such a small screen (38mm) there is less space for text, so the copy of the email has to be simple
  4. Monitoring the user’s behavior with the emails received in these devices will be more difficult

In Apple Watch … Less is more.

You must remember that those subscribers who use Apple Watch receive less information in their emails than mobile users receive. Therefore keep the most important points of your message at the beginning of your email. The users will not be able to answer or interact with the links, but they will be able to archive it to open it later on their iPhone.

Some email ideas for Apple Watch:

  • Notification emails or updates for those users who sign up for events
  • Flash sales: limited time offers that create a sense of urgency
  • Appointment reminders (doctor, seminar, travel …)
  • Brief and striking announcements of new products
  • Advice, appointment or daily lesson to stay connected with your users


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