10 Perfect Name Day Gifts for Girlfriend and Boyfriend


Name days are marked by many European countries to celebrate names of individuals with thesaint’s names they represent during on a particular month of the year. In Greece, it is similar to a birthday celebration where people attend and hand over gifts and flowers to those being named. Recently invitation has been restricted to invites only by the host.

However, you can also call to wish someone a happy Names Day wishes or even send happy Name Day cards to celebrants. With the help of technology you can also post on the social media. So if you can’t make it to the party or didn’t receive an invitation, you can still be a part of the celebration by sending your ‘ChroniaPolla’ which is simply wishing someone a healthy and prosperous life in Greek. That said here are 10 perfect name day gifts for girlfriend and boyfriend.

Flowers for the Lovely Lady

If you didn’t know, flowers make the most popular gifts to celebrate a lady’s Name Day. Without flowers the occasion will be incomplete.Other gifts are normally accompanied with beautiful flowers, showing you that flowers are highly cherished during this particular occasion. So if you want your special lady to feel appreciated, whatever you choose as a gift, make sure that it’s accompanied by a gift to make it special.

A Classic Bottle of Wine for the Man

For the handsome gentleman a bottle of wine or champagne will do very well. This is a great beverage to mark . But you have to know first if he likes to unwind with some wine after a busy day. If not, then you can get him another great gift that doesn’t involve alcohol. A great gift no matter how simple it looks always comes from the heart.

Jewelry for the Beautiful Princess

For a woman, a gift of jewelry is always impressive and all women like jewelry since it their best friend. Whether it’s a pendant, bracelet, or a simple necklace, they are all appreciated. Ensure that you know her test of jewelry first; does she like them big and popping or small, simple and stylish.

Gift Bask

Gift baskets make perfect gifts for those who want to pool their resources and come up with one awesome gift for the celebrant. Gift baskets make great gifts for those who work in offices.Since the celebrant is supposed to spoil the guests with food and drinks, a gifts basket can make a wonderful center piece for the dining table.

A Lovely Dress for the Young Lady

The just turned eighteen and wants to look fabulous on her name day with that wonderful dress she has always wanted. Make her wish come true by getting her the dress to wear it on that special day. She will definitely appreciate it.

Chocolate Cake

Honestly speaking who doesn’t like cake? Cakes are great delicacies that make sweet Name Day gifts for both men and women but mostly men because they love to eat and the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”, you can’t go wrong with this chocolaty,scrumptious gift.

A Cute Pet for Both

If he or she is the type that likes pets and doesn’t have any allergies or reactions, then why not get a cut puppy, kitten, or even a small bird to take care of. Taking care of animals makes one to be responsible and loving. Pets are also adorable and charming making them impressive Name Day gifts.

Bluetooth Speakers for the Boy

One thing I know about boys is that they love their toys and gadgets and you will never go wrong with this gifts. Whether it’s a fancy phone air a Bluetooth speaker, all these gifts will be appreciated. The world of technology keeps on changing and it’s good to keep up with new gadgets therefore you can get him this Bluetooth speaker to make his Name Day.

A Photo Frame

Breakfast in Bed

How sweet to wake up in the morning to find breakfast staring at you and all you has to do is dig in. This is what you should make him or her feel on the morning of their Naming Day. This is an impress gift idea that will cost you almost nothing. All you need is a few cooking skills and you are good. Prepare the best dishes that they always want in the morning and they will surely appreciate the gesture. Go overboard to play that favorite tune he or she loves to listen to in the morning. The breakfast display should also be relevant to appealing to make an impression.

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These are among the 10 perfect gifts that are wonderful on this suspicious occasion. You don’t have to spend much, just get simple and present them in a big way and you will definitely impress.


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