5 Alternatives To Animeflix

5 Alternatives To Animeflix

Animeflix is ​​a mobile application in which it offered for free an extensive catalog of animes, which could be accessed in a fairly simple way. Although the most classic animes were only in 480p resolution, some others, about all the most modern, could be viewed in hd.

Now, if at any time you used this application Animeflix or you have seen some top where they recommend it and you decided to download it. You must have noticed that it no longer works. Although some claim that they are using it, it seems to be a minority. So here you will find 5 alternatives To Animeflix in which you can watch anime from your cell phone.



If you have a device with android operating system, you can easily get this application in google play, so downloading and entering is safe. Its new users are starting to claim that it is a bit better than animeflix; even, in some news portals, they review Sharkanime as the true successor.

Among the benefits of the app, is being able to add your favorite animes to a favorites folder; You can search for them by categories, it marks you a seen in the episodes that you are playing so that you do not have to search for them again, and the most notable thing is that it has an extensive selection.



Among the applications for smartphones, Underanime has been the center of attention for a long time on the subject of content reproduction, highlighting its interface design that is quite attractive and easy to use.

When entering the application, you will find three large buttons, where the main one will be the one that shows you the series you are looking for and from there you can check if you have eggs and / or movies.

If you drag the screen to the left, you will notice that there is a classification of the animes that are currently broadcasting and those that have ended.

When entering a series, it will show you the descriptive sheet in total Spanish, and when you click on a chapter, you have the option to download it so that you can see it at a time when you are not connected to the internet.



Just like animeflix, this application had stopped working but its return was in the web page format, so if you want to access it you will have to do it from your cell phone’s browser. But that this does not limit you to enter, since little by little they are expanding their catalog, which is why they are currently giving priority to anime chapters on air such as One Piece, Boruto or Noblesse.

When you enter a video, it gives you the option of playing it from up to 7 servers and also being able to download it.

The best thing is that they claim to have an android application in development, but for this we will have to wait a bit.



It is not surprising that one of the most used social networks in the world does not see videos of your favorite animes every day. If so far you have not come across any by chance. Then we recommend you go to the application’s search engine and enter the name and the season and chapter number. You will probably get it there.

If you want to keep track of a special anime, then I recommend that you enter a page or a group where they dedicate themselves to mounting this type of content and thus you will be more connected. Lately, live broadcasts of several chapters or seasons have become a trend. So if you are aware of the news made by the administrator of the page. You can even get yourself a marathon of hours and hours of the anime you like (the disadvantage is that you will not be able to pause it).


If you are one of those who have a loose budget, then it is impossible not to recommend Netflix. To stop only in the part that concerns us, Netflix has invested in anime licenses that already have a long history, such as Knights of the Zodiac. Samurai X, Evangelion, Death Note, Naruto, Studio Ghibli films, among others; this with the benefit of being in Latin Spanish. He has also invested in original content such as Knights of Sidonia, Blame, Castlevania, Devilman Crybaby, Baki, which little by little has won the affection of fans.

Do not forget that being a paid application, it has an interface that allows us to navigate easily, marking by itself the episodes you have seen. Recommending similar animes based on your playback preferences, and better yet. They have added the download option so that you can see them later if you know that you will be in a place without connection.


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