The 6 Best Smartphones you should try in 2020


If you are looking for a custom-made Smartphone? It may be difficult to find such a device that is exactly as desired, but for smartphones 5 inches, the choice is very wide. It would also be a good idea to stop for a moment on this article that includes the top 5-inch smartphones around the following criteria: easy handling, appreciable design, manufacturing quality and scope of functionality. All of them have a very high level of reliability, everyone can find his account.  I have chosen for you Smartphones that are the best ones for these targets. Here are the top 6 Smartphones that are currently available in the market on

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

For any purchase, it is necessary to establish a budget. In this sense, if for your smartphone you have planned less than 200 euros, you can take a look at the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6P Pro. The latter has a concrete battery that can operate in autonomy mode for 2 days thanks to its power of 4000 MAH. This device is the first smartphone to have 4 cameras. We are talking about a double camera before 20 Mp and 2Mp, as well as a double camera of 12 Mp and 5 Mp. As for its speed, this device incorporates a Snapdragon TM636 processor with 8 cores. Xiaomi also did not neglect the aesthetic aspect of the device, thus attributing to its screen decorative lines and natural curves. After all, you might find that it would be better if it was more affordable in price.

Samsung Galaxy J3

With a reduced budget, the smartphone that you can buy is the Samsung J3. Keep in mind that just because it is affordable in terms of price does not mean that its features leave something to be desired. Moreover, it is a device that incorporates a battery of long duration. With the latter, there will be no question of recharging your smartphone several times a day, even if you make heavy use. With Bluetooth technology, it allows a fast and wireless exchange of files in a limited radius. Its rear camera is 8 MP and a flash associates with the front camera to produce illuminated selfies. We can certainly ensure that it is a smartphone that does not cost much, but you should also know that it is not waterproof. So it’s best to keep it out of the reach of toddlers and wet or damp places.

Huawei Y5 II

Here is a 5 inch smartphone screen that would suit a user with low performance requirements. Indeed, it has a photo sensor of 8 Mp which films with a medium clarity. Also, it incorporates a battery made of lithium-ion that ensures a smooth operation for hours. Its connectivity is also one of its interesting features. Indeed, the Huawei Y5 II is compatible with any device with a USB input. In the same way, it perfectly captures the wifi, even in long waves. Do not be fooled by its small size. This device of 135 gramsallows you to access the 4G without any problem. On the other hand, its price is not affordable. Its storage capacity also remains perfectible, because it is only 8 GB. However, you can take advantage of its 2 year warranty to analyze deeply whether it really meets your expectations or not.

Xiaomi Mi A2

If you’re looking for a super-large storage space in a smartphone, why not try this Xiaomi Mi A2. Equipped with a 64 GB ROM of a dual photo sensor of 20 and 12 Mp, this camera is undoubtedly closer to the sharpness of a professional camera. Similarly, its 5.99 inch screen is very convenient for reading messages, emails, watching movies or even surfing in the most visual comfort. With this smartphone, the data processing is very fast. In fact, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor is so powerful that every command is executed by the minute. By focusing on other details such as its value for money, we realize that this is not a device that has been set up for all budgets. In addition, this smartphone does not have a jack, but rather, a Headphone Adapter type C.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a new generation phone that truly transcends all boundaries. Before criticizing its high price-quality ratio, it should be known that it has characteristics sought by many smartphone users. First, its 64GB storage. With such a ROM, you can store movies, heavy applications, videogames and even documents at will. In the second place, comes its 5.8-inch Infinity screen that will show you all the data with almost perfect sharpness. Displaying a significant screen ratio, it shows that Samsung has made a very good use of the front of his product, reducing the borders and focusing on the screen itself. This 2 year old smartphone also has a Dual Pixel camera of 16 Mp, whose performance is well established.

Sony Xperia Xa1

Among the factors looked at when choosing a smartphone, the size of the storage is unavoidable. The Sony Xperia XA1 offers you a 32GB space for your photos, videos, movies and documents. This 190-gram camera also delivers impressive sharpness with its 20-megapixel sensor. With this smartphone, you will have no problem to capture the 4G and surf at a super fast speed. On the design of the XA1, we recognize the finesse and elegance of Sony in the design. However, it is a phone that costs a lot of money. It will not be easy to get them if you do not have a budget if you need in low price. At the level of the display, its capacitive LCD screen of 5.5 inches will not disappoint you. Its autonomy is also significant to a certain extent, even if in the long run, the battery starts to heat up when we turn the big 3D games.


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