Best Baby Cosmetics in 2019



Now that you have a beautiful baby in your arms, it’s time to think about how you can take care of it properly. New parents always need help when it comes to baby cosmetic products since there are so many different products available on the market today. Parents-to- be also get some of these products from gift boxes for cosmetics on events such as baby showers!

Best baby cosmetics

There are so many baby products to choose from but here are a couple of them that are totally must haves. Here is the list of baby products and their description:

Mint baby powder

Mint baby powder is just like your regular baby powder but it has a tinge of mint extract to it. It is completely safe for your baby’s skin. The mint baby powder will do wonders in the summer time when it is hot and humid outside. There are plenty of companies and brands that make mint powder, just check the ingredients before purchasing it.

Baby sanitizer wipes

Since babies have a habit of taking their hands in their mouth all the time, its best to clean their hands and keep them germ-free. Baby sanitizer is supposed to be a lot gentle than regular hand sanitizer. So a great thing to always have in your baby bag will be baby hand sanitizer wipes. It even works great for mothers!

Unscented soap

There is a chance during the summer time your baby may develop some kind of a rash, it is very common among babies. So when your baby has a rash, it is always best to use unscented lotion

Must have baby cosmetics

When you become a new parent it will be a hassle to choose what you buy for your newborn baby. Here is a list of must-have products:

A lot of brands and companies make these products but its best to stick to well-known brands and chemical free products to avoid the possibility of skin rash or irritation.

Baby powder

Baby powder is one of the most used baby cosmetic items in the summer. It keeps your skin dry and free from sweat. There is a wide variety of baby powders available on the market today. They range anywhere from organic powders to normal talc powders.

Note: do not apply baby powder to your baby’s hands since it should not be consumed.

Baby lotion

In order to keep your baby’s skin soft and moisturized you should always pick out a good moisturizer. Baby lotion is a lot gentle on the baby’s skin as compared to any other regular moisturizer. Always be aware of your baby’s allergies, for such cases you can always use unscented lotion.

Baby Shower gel

Baby shower gels are used as a gentle baby wash to keep your baby’s skin neat and clean throughout the year. Baby shower gels are made up of gentle essence that will not harm or irritate your baby’s skin.

Baby Shampoo

Just like the rest of us, babies need shampoo too. In the summer time it is essential to wash your baby’s hair twice a week to avoid head lice and keep them neat and clean over all. Shampoo will not only make your baby’s hair smell good but it will also make your baby’s hair silky and shiny

Baby Conditioner

Just like shampoo, conditioner is as important too. Conditioner brings away all the moisture shampoo strips away. It is essential to conditioner your baby’s hair after you shampoo it.

Baby Rash creams

This is one of the most important things to own as a parent. During the summer time your baby’s skin might get irritated and they might build-up a rash. The best way to get rid of a rash is by calming down the irritated layers of skin. Baby rash cream works wonders. It is totally a must have.

Other baby cosmetic products

  • Baby wipes
  • Baby cologne
  • Baby soap
  • Baby toner
  • Baby oil
  • Baby petroleum jelly

Does the packaging really matter?

The answer to that is a big YES! Packaging plays one of the most important roles in marketing and promotions. And since it is the first things a customer sees it is crucial to make your cosmetic boxes appealing to new and old customer.

Baby products are exciting for new parents just to even look at them. This is why many companies and brands stick to custom cosmetic boxes by TheCustomBoxes. This way you can alter and customize the boxes up to your needs. You can change the shape and size of the boxes and make them appealing.

 Note: If you are planning to initiate a new baby cosmetics business then a great way to buy boxes for cheaper rates would be through wholesalers. There are many other perks of buying cosmetic boxes from wholesalers such as getting your boxes customized and altered up to your needs. You can browse the internet to look for new cosmetic box packaging designs. Though try to create your own designs since there is nothing better than being original in a world full of replicas!


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