The Best Free Games for Xbox One of 2020

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In times of coronavirus, we make a selection with the best free and free to play video games: Apex Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone and more.

A generation is ending and, as it could not be otherwise, at least we will have one more. Xbox Series X is an impressive name, that every lover of the Microsoft brand wants to have at home as soon as possible; But these seven years of Xbox One have given us a few hundred unforgettable hours. We are not going to talk today about the best Xbox One games, which are not few, but about the best free games, those that allow us to start without going through the box.

Because we are not trying to deceive anyone: that for free … has nuances. The free to play business model is here to stay. It is an economically sustainable system for companies by allowing them to choose the choice of paying or not paying; generally, for aesthetic content that does not give an advantage to those who do pay. Therefore, it is the user’s decision to contribute that money or not. Whatever type of player you are, you are in the right place.

The Most Popular Free Xbox One games

Our selection criteria for this list – which will be expanded if we consider it necessary – is clear: quality. Not all of the free Xbox One games are here, but they are all of them. Thus, we are going to talk in depth about these (successful) video games that, surely, deserve to be tested on our machine, whatever the model we have at home. Make yourself comfortable and, above all, in times of coronavirus: don’t leave home.

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Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone
Source: Call of Duty: Warzone

Today rules. Activision has been able to reinterpret its own most successful intellectual property in a matter of a couple of years. Giving in to the battle royale genre for its multiplayer aspect is not kneeling, it is responding to market demand. And it has gone wonderfully. Judging by the results, this new Infinity Ward solution – based on Modern Warfare (2019) – has several game modes, games for up to 150 players, the so-called gulag to reappear in combat and, above all, a community of more of 30 million players that continues to grow. A game in full swing.

eFootball PES 2020 Lite

Source: eFootball PES 2020 Lite

We are sure that it is not unreasonable to say that PES 2020 is one of the best soccer simulators of the entire generation; of those that remind us of the best PES, the PlayStation 2. Since last December, Konami gives free access to this year’s game and not exactly short on content. eFootball PES 2020 Lite broadly includes local, co-op, coaching, and online (myClub, Matchday, and eFootball). In total, a selection of clubs with exclusive sponsorship, such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, FC Bayern, Juventus, Arsenal and Palmeiras, among others. A treat to start the ball rolling.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Source: Fortnite: Battle Royale

Do you need an introduction? The multiplayer video game with the most users on the planet on consoles is also available on Xbox One, as on any other console, with the exception that on Xbox you need an Xbox Live GOLD subscription to play online, something that does not happen on other platforms. Apart from that, everything is still intact: Season 2 is underway, all Battle Royale and Creative game modes are completely free and an experience that keeps updating with content, improvements and the feeling that each game will be radically different to the others.

Destiny 2: New Light

Source: Destiny 2: New Light

To speak of Bungie is to speak of one of the most important studies in modern history. Destiny 2 is a story of work, reinvention and search to satisfy the largest number of players. After its passage as a premium game, a business model that it maintains, the American firm decided to opt for a free start-up experience to open the doors to all users. The free version (New Light) of Destiny 2 is not a demo, it is not an extremely cut version, but it includes The Red War, The Curse of Osiris, The Strategist, all the Occassions of Year 1, all the raids of Year 1 and all the weapons and exotic equipment of Year 1. That is, all the contents of Year 1. To this we add modes such as Gambit, the House of the Fieras or the Forges of the Black Armory. It sounds like a lie, but it’s free.

Realm Royale

Source: Realm Royale

There is life beyond Fortnite. The battle royale genre has been adapted to different registers and forms; Among them, that of Hi-Rez Studios, which in its intention to make a hole in this crowded type of multiplayer experiences, has found its place with these 100-player games, a large number of classes, legendary weapons and abilities. A title designed for group play, with base strategy and a great variety of types of scenarios. Realm Royale bets on towers, jungles, snows, invocations of mounts … an experience more different from the competition than it may seem.

Apex Legends

Source: Apex Legends

Electronic Arts shot in the center of the bullseye in early 2019 with a video game that was released to the market without notice. And it was literal. Apex Legends arrived without warning, but it came with credentials that have allowed it to forge more than 50 million users in twelve months. The free to play game has many similarities to Fortnite in terms of content update policy: internal currency, battle pass … but reality tells us that Apex Legends is unique, with an exquisite shooting system and the hallmarks of Respawn Entertainment on every corner. Legends, settings, skills, new content … The current season has only just begun.


Source: Dauntless

We put the shooter aside and focus on the role. If Monster Hunter World has been an unprecedented phenomenon in its own saga – surely for its superlative quality – Dauntless is the most honest and complete free to play answer we know. And we say honest not because it is a small or reduced game, but because of how it treats the player: it is a complete, nourished and polished experience. Epic Games is behind these Slayers, which is another way to call hunters, looking for the Behemots monsters. Multiplayer group games where the objective is clear: knock down the bug. Agile gameplay, with many weapons and armor, looteo everywhere and an artistic section that does not go out of style. Light and color, fast games (which usually do not exceed twenty minutes). Really highly recommended.


Source: SMITE

It would have been unfair to leave SMITE off the list because we said we were going to talk about great games and this is it. We return to Hi-Rez Studios, this time with its multiplayer title of more than 35 million players. We warn that the amount of content offered by this MOBA is overwhelming, a genre that is very established on PC but also has a place on the Microsoft home console. First-person action with classes, ambushes, shots, pantheons and strategy, lots of strategy. In the middle of 2020, the game has more than 100 gods, legendary weapons, powers, abilities … It is a great time to try it.

Fallout Shelter

Source: Fallout Shelter

We know that many of you like management games, the kind that make your mind move to another world, to another life, where the user is an omnipresent agent and takes care of everything good and not so good. Fallout Shelter is particular, but it is really well resolved. The Bethesda refuge, never better said, presents us with an underground place called the latest generation Vault-Tec. It is in our power to make it the best possible home for dozens of inhabitants in order to protect them from the dangers of the wilderness. Explore, create, customize, protect and play, because this title can give you more game hours than you can imagine.

Paladins: Champions of the Realm

Source: Paladins: Champions of the Realm

More Hi-Rez Studios and more shots. This multiplayer title bears similarities to Overwatch by basing its gameplay on indoor games with heroes; a hero shooter, as they are known. It has a trading card system with which we can increase and improve our inventory, in addition to many abilities adapted to each of the heroes. The studio keeps updating it and has an improved 4K version if we run it on Xbox Series X.

Path of Exile

Source: Path of Exile

Role and strategy with isometric view, of the old school. Path of Exile does not go out of style and continues to receive content. The free version of the game includes a good assortment of options in its free plan; starting with skills and valuable items that we can get through perseverance and play a lot. Their online mode is designed “by expert players for expert players,” they pray. Grindin Gear Games remains focused on telling more and better stories around a title adapted to the Microsoft console.

Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters

Source: Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters

The list would have been somewhat lacking without representatives of the fighting genre. Dead or Alive 6 is a more than remarkable installment within the saga. The free option does not offer the same as the complete one, as is logical, but it gives us the option to buy what we want with total freedom. In other words, we start from a base of fighters and, from there, we add the ones that we like the most; this time yes, by checkout. To get an idea, this version of the game includes everything (online mode and solo aspects) except Story Mode.

Killer Instinct

Source: Killer Instinct

He stays for the final stretch because the good thing is to beg. Killer Instinct is one of the best games of the generation, which has known how to reinvent itself since 2013 to the point of maintaining its type against authentic fighting titans. Excessive action in this free version that includes all modes of a player without going through the box, including online mode. The game has 20 scenarios and a series of free fighters that rotate; the rest, you can buy them separately or in batches. It is still a pleasure to play it.


Source: Warframe

We finish with a title that is very popular in this house: Warframe. The Tenno, sword and weapon warriors, are the protagonists in a title that breathes the same essence as games like Destiny, only in the third person. An almost infinite world, deep, overwhelmingly deep and with a lore that delights lovers of fictional universes. Apart from that, a lot of action, planets that do not stop appearing thanks to free updates and, in effect, amounts of content without going through the box that sometimes make us think if this game is truly sustainable by offering so much in exchange for so little. And there he is, with iron health and more than five years behind him.


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