Best Productivity App Design that can save your time in 2020

Best Productivity App Design Theforbiz

Be it an individual or an organization, the intrinsic growth depends on productivity. Access to the right resources and tools is essential to progress. But nothing can work if it is not managed properly, and on time.

If someone lacks time management, chances are that they will fall behind the ones who are smart with their time. The world has become highly mechanical and automated. And in this high-tech age, poor time management is simply not acceptable.

Sometimes, this same technology becomes the reason many waste their time. With so many apps and options to occupy our mind, it can get difficult (and understandably so) to keep a tab on how many hours in a day are wasted.

Thankfully, the solution is also provided. Various apps have been introduced to help make people aware and mindful of their choices. Here, we have listed some apps that can assist users in managing their tasks and being productive while saving time for other activities.

Rescue Time

Source: Rescue Time
Source: Rescue Time

This app tracks time you are spending on every app and then compiles a report. This report lets a user know about how and where they are spending their time.

The main purpose of the app is to highlight the websites and (other) apps that are consuming time without a cause. This way a user can block those apps and websites to save time.

This app runs in the background, tracking all the time spent on different web pages and then blocking the ones which are not needed. All you have to do is set your productivity targets and set alarms. These alarms will go off when you’ll spend more time on apps than allotted.

If you are afraid you are spending way more time on social media than you should, Rescue Time is the app for you.


Forest App Theforbiz
Source: Forest

It has to be the most ironic app there is. This app is only available on iOS and android. And weirdly enough (in a good way though), this app restricts a user from using tablets and phones.

It makes downtime away from devices a fun thing. Users can plant a virtual tree and it grows as much as you spend time away from the devices.

However, if a user decides to leave Forest, their tree dies.

Spending a good amount away from the devices enable users to plant an entire forest.

This is not even the best part!

Users can earn virtual coins by focusing on the tasks. These virtual coins can be used to plant real-life trees through this wonderful app.

The app doesn’t only let users increase productivity but it also adds to the environment.

Loop – Habit Tracker

Loop – Habit Tracker Theforbiz
Source: Loop – Habit Tracker

It has a unique approach as it doesn’t focus on the bad habits of users nor it tries to correct those.

This app only focuses on forming habits that can benefit its users in the long term. It also saves time by letting its users know about their unfruitful habits.

You may be wasting time tasks that should not be on priority. Instead of letting you continue with time-wasting, this app will make you change your habits to become more productive.

It helps a user in setting targets for the things they want to achieve. To meet your goals, Loop will let users schedule tasks, and there is a habit score as well to see how you are doing.

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The app also allows setting reminders to keep a check on you. Plus, it also presents stats and graphs to track your progress.


ClickUp Theforbiz
Source: ClickUp

It assists in project management. Tasks are created and managed simultaneously. It provides multiple lists that ensures multiple things are tracked at once, like starting and ending time, calendars, etc. Additional features include document inserts, mind maps, and tables. 

It streamlines multiple things that increase productivity, saving a lot of time. Users won’t waste time in searching for required documents when all will be neatly kept in an app.

Focus Booster

Source: Focus Booster

If there is an app designed to make its users do more, it is Focus Booster. The app is based around the concept of the Pomodoro Technique.

This technique is known for effective time management that supports taking five minute breaks every 25 minutes. The key is to remain fixated on the task at hand for 25 minutes. Focus Booster times the sessions of work for users around the same concept.

This helps users to get into the habit of using their mind the most and then relax. It ultimately benefits productivity. There is a mini timer on screen to remind users of the minutes they have spent working.

In case of disturbance and unavoidable distractions, the app saves the sessions. The reports by this app are beneficial to know where and how much time has been spent.

For people who think blocking sites and apps are too strict, this app is the best solution. This app never blocks anything out but it kind of nudges you by reminding you of the time spent on these pages and apps.

Deciding the Right App

It can be tricky at times to decide what productivity app you need. Most apps that have made it to this list vary greatly from each other. There might be some similarities of course, but in general, they are different in many respects.

Everyone has different needs and every individual may define productivity differently. The differences among these apps mean they are catering to a wider range of users but these differences are also big trouble because you would have to leave something to choose another.

Mobile app design services have advanced so much that it is not surprising to see such variety. However, there are some ways to decide which type of apps suits your needs the best.

Value for Money

Compare the features of the app with its price tag. If you are satisfied to pay the amount even after the comparison, then go ahead – this maybe the app for you!

Productivity Features

Select a few and compare them with each other. If you know what you are looking for, then it won’t be difficult for you to choose one with the required productivity features.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

There is no point in investing an iOS app if you have an android phone. You need to be sure about the look of an app on a device that you use. If the apps that you have fallen in love with are not available for the devices you are using, then there is no point investing in those.


It doesn’t matter how many hours you are giving to your work if you are not managing it properly. In the end, long hours are of no use if the deadlines are not met.

To make yourself productive, you need to use the time effectively. Technology can become your helping hand if you are smart enough and know how to get what you want.

If you can save time there will be more completed tasks. Wasting time is not going to get you anywhere especially in modern times when the world has become fast-paced and everything around us changes quickly.


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