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6 Techniques to Increase Our Income


It is no secret to anyone that the cost of living globally is growing. This forces us to look for new horizons and develop our imagination and creativity to increase our income.

Getting extra money is relatively easy, considering that we use our potential and our capabilities to achieve it. This search for new sources of income requires making decisions, even sometimes under uncertainties and certain risks.

More efficient techniques to increase our income:

In recent years I have followed many tips, but I have proven in my own experience that, of all the techniques used, the following six have been the most efficient, these techniques range from simple actions to complex decisions.

The use of all techniques requires talent and talent, this involves developing self-confidence. The techniques I show below are relatively easy, but they require positive thinking for their execution and effect:

1. Power your strengths:

One of the options to find additional income is to strengthen our strengths. Look at the skills you currently have and then consider how you can get the most out of your skills and knowledge and offer them as a service to small businesses or families.

This will help you get enough contacts to make this a full time career. For example, if you have skills as a swimmer you can offer yourself as a swimming instructor, if you have skills in the use of word processors; offer your services for the preparation and editing of thesis documents, letters, among others.

2. Enter the world of sales:

Many times in our homes we have appliances, objects, works of art, clothes, books, etc., in good condition but that we do not really use or need, selling them can be a good option to obtain additional income. A garage sale or an online sale would be an important source of income. You can also put your skills into practice and sell products made by you, such as desserts, crafts, crafts, among others.

3. Rent or rent part of your home:

Use a space of your property to rent to potential tenants. Choose a room in your house and make it an extra source of income. The garage and basement are spaces with a lot of potential when it comes to renting since there are people who need a place to store their things or park their vehicles. If you have a good sized garden you can rent it for children’s parties or events.

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4. Offer care, cleaning and maintenance services

Among the care, cleaning and maintenance services you can offer are:

  • Take care of properties: If your neighbor goes on a trip, offer him your home care service during his absence.
  • Take care of children: If you like children, you are a responsible person and your house is equipped to take care of them, this is a good opportunity to increase your income, offer your childcare service.
  • Take care of pets and plants: If you are an animal and nature lover, this is another initiative that you can use to fill your wallet. Walking pets and taking care of them for a few hours, doing maintenance and taking care of a neighbor’s garden could be among your options.
  • Vehicle cleaning: You can wash cars and motorcycles from family, friends and neighbors, this will help you earn income in a short time.
  • Clean houses, apartments or offices: Although you will use more effort to offer this maintenance service will keep you active and you will get very good monetary income.

5. Investments:

Sometimes in life you have to make risky decisions. For example, investing in the stock market and buying currencies in constant revaluation is a very good option. In this sense it is feasible to consider the investment in the stock market, buy strong currencies, enter the world of Cryptocurrencies and thus obtain the income we love so much. Visualize the creation together with friends of a micro company.

6. Save:

Saving represents an effective way to protect your income, develop the rational use of them, that is, achieve a way to modify your consumption habits, save, avoid unnecessary and unnecessary expenses, minimize as much as possible eat in restaurants, at the time Buying your food you buy more seasonal fruits and vegetables, consume national products, since they are cheaper, etc. All this represents a good option when it comes to minimizing expenses and saving a little.

With the use of these techniques, they will significantly increase our income and improve our saving capacity; you just need to put effort and dedication. Although each circumstance is different, the implementation of some of these techniques has been very useful for me and some of my friends and relatives. To achieve the desired goal we just need an entrepreneurial spirit and develop these and other techniques in a combined and harmonious way.



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